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I promise you, there wasn’t any intent to make the average age younger. :slightly_smiling_face:

That is unfortunate, as is your diabetes-related visual problem, but the fact remains that red illumination is a good thing for drivers or submariners.

My point was, no illumination is even better. A lotof owner operator adorn the rigs with so many lights that they are driving in a cloud of light and can’t see anything on a dark two lane. Us freight haulers used to call those chicken lights because the drivers were afraid of the dark. Those owner operators usually parked the rig when the weather got bad.

If we parked our rig, we had better come back with the badge number and name of the cop that told us the road was closed.

In defense of the owner operators, if they wrecked their rig, they had to pay for it, if we wrecked ours, the worst they could do was fire us.


I wouldn’t mind if you could make me younger😀

Do any of the car talk IT guy’s moonlight for cell phone provider’s? I know it has to be conidicence unlike other’s I don’t use my phone every day but today when I used it all my contact’s went to the same red that car talk now use’s.

Lol, I use the cell phone for web browsing and various other apps a few hours everyday. I’ve seen no changes other than here.

I know it has to be a coindicence but it is the first time I have ever seen a change other than what I do in the setting’s. All I use my phone for is calling and recieving text’s from my dr’s reminding me of appoiment’s

The operating system will occasionally download updates without involving you.

That might be it.

Older men also get more paranoid as their hearing and eyesight decline :crazy_face:

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I see the ask someone who owns one is back.

Consider yourself lucky, I didn’t see anything for May 17, Norway independence day. A big deal around here. We even had a parade with windows up and masks on.

Really though, the only thing red I would like to see is the YEAR of the comment. Anything other than the current year should be in bold and red.