And the top banner changes yet again

The banner has undergone another change. We are back to ketchup and mustard.

Ketchup and mustard is good.


This banner I like :+1:

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Mine is ketchup and mayo!

I guess I just don’t pay any attention to it. Therefore I can’t recall what the old one looked like or what color it was. I just knew something was different but couldn’t put my finger on what it was. When I worked though and the computer folks would come up with a revised version, it was just irritating that the new version really wasn’t any more intuitive than the old version-just different. It gave the computer folks something to do, made it look like an improved program, and added little functionality. Now onto these Microsoft people that need to keep on working-onward to Windows 100. The other day I wanted to print the screen with a blown up parts diagram. Hit “print screen” button but no workie. Who would guess that Ctrl P seconds as print screen? No big deal I guess, I just had to look it up instead of hitting the button.

I decided to take today off and not work on anything so bear (not bare) with me. Oh maybe I’ll just cut the grass and order some chain saw parts.

I have a print of a 1999 cartalk thread and there was no banner on the page. Of course the printer may have omitted the banner.

When I click on my profile V at the top right the print is back to black instead of the garish red .


Is it just me or is the red a darker shade? It seems easier on the eyes.

@davepsinbox_157004 It is a darker red.

And we did request to change the menu text, @VOLVO_V70.

Hopefully this is better for you guys. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The Print Screen button takes a screen shot of your screen and puts it onto the clipboard so you can paste it somewhere (I usually put it into MS Paint if I need to screen shot an issue at work to pass along to my manager)