New Format?

Do we all now have a new format, or is it just me?

How do you like it? Personally I am not sure yet.

I don’t like it a’tall, nary a-bit. Of course, we aren’t asked…our opinions don’t matter none to them.

Once again, bad taste strikes at the heart of America!

I do not like when you go to the next page there is 1 or 2 posts from page before repeated. Also would like to see more posts per page.
Maybe they made these changes and more we will have to wait and see, but I love this site and it is a HUGE help to alot of people Thank you!!!

sweet lord it’s horrible. I don’t mind ads on the forum, but I like to be able to have more than half my screen to view the actual forum. the least they could do is send out an email to us about the changes BEFORE they make them.

I have already sent my comments to the web lackeys, and those comments were NOT positive regarding this new format. Is there any benefit to those useless red borders on either side of the page, while simultaneously reducing the size of the part of the page that actually contains text?

Yet again, the “powers that be” that are in charge of running or maintaining this site prove that they have absolutely no idea when it comes to site design, forum software, or researching/listening to what their audience wants.

Bad got worse this time around, but for those who love the color red, I guess it’s not so bad. There is so much wasted space and odd blank spots though, I just can’t wrap my mind around it. I don’t understand. My 7 year old nephew would have more sense designing a web site/forum.

At least there’s a shiny new icon to click on for “Submit a Car Question”.

They must have done it to make more room for advertising on the left side. It sucks. If I could find all you regulars at another forum, I would go there.

Is there another forum that you regulars use?

Not for asking car questions, no. But there are several others I do frequent.

Since there is very little we can do about these changes we will just have to accept them and deal with it…not that I like them!

I’ve considered in the past starting my own website with one of the standard, modern forum/message board software packages that are available out there, customized to how the users want it to run, but I wasn’t sure people would leave Car Talk…plus I’d need to cover the cost of the software/hosting somehow.

If there’s any interest, let me know. I’d make sure the regulars got to keep their long time held usernames of course.

For the moment I am going to look at…link Cars and Transportation…Maintenance and Repairs to see if the caliber of questions and answers are at the level of this forum…The quality of answers on this site makes one hesitate to leave…

That’s the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back for me. I can’t take the gaudy, distracting red borders (where the entire screen flashes the background color between screens), nevermind that the post width is restricted to 5/8 the total screen width. I cannot imagine this wasn’t tested and demonstrated to quite a few people who gave it their blessing. What astounds me is, this was the preferred color scheme/layout. I can only believe it could be possible if they were color blind in addition to never having actually USED the forum they control.

I’ve been on this website for over ten years and have seen this site format change over those years. Some were excellent formats and others looked like they were designed by a chimpanzee. But I look at it as, it’s their house, and they can do whatever they want! You’ll get used to it and then they’ll change it again!


I was going to comment on this …but I think I’ll let the dust settle for awhile.

Not a big fan of it myself, but it also doesn’t really bother me either. It’s their website, they can set it up however they like. There’s enough useful information on here for me to tolerate it.

It’s not the format of the board that determines its quality, but the quality of the people who post there. This is a great board due to the quality of the regular posters and that something that the web lackeys can’t take away.

Well said Keith. I don’t really like the new format either but it doesn’t change the posters here.

Maybe it’s just a Firefox 3 thing, but I’m getting lines extending partly into the post area from the left and other screwy stuff.

Going from bad to worse here…

Holy cow! I just logged in in Internet Explorer. Yep, Firefox doen’t render the site correctly. But what a waste of screen real estate this new format is! What WERE they thinking???

Hmm. Using another machine with Firefox 3 and the site is rendered properly. WTH?

You know, I’m getting a little sick of this nonsense. They can make the effort to change the site format to a significant degree, but have totally ignored our pleas for some basic amenities, like navigation buttons. All the changes are for the worse!

Maybe it’s time to take a break from this site for a while.