Quoting another reply in a thread

For the last few days, whenever I quote someone’s post, the system removes the quotation. Feature or bug?

You mean when you do this? (I’m trying it out.)

Seems to work for me. Press your right mouse button and sweep across the text you want to quote. You should see a grey dialog box that says “Quote” Click on that box and it will launch the reply box with the quoted text inside. Try that.

Let’s see if this sticks, quoting my entire post.

for me it was the case a couple of day ago:


once you read the message, it tells “quote was automatically removed by the system”

quote was indeed removed

Yes, that’s it exactly.

I can still see the quote (as of right now, at least), but I got a notificationn of this:

as software guy, I might imagine some developer is actively at work to correct it on a live system :slight_smile:

I think the gremlins at Discourse decided that people could not quote an entire post for some unknown reason.

Okay, trying again with the post immediately above. Maybe that’s the key.

Yep, that’s it. You can’t quote the entire post immediately above your reply.

This isn’t immediately above this reply. Let’s see if the quote sticks.

It apparently works if the entire quote isn’t from the immediately preceding post or, as in your case, you don’t quote the entire post immediately preceding.

here we go down the rabbit hole…quoting your whole post.

I like pizza…

(it worked ok for me now, but I noticed this the other day. I thought I just screwed something up in trying to quote, lol)

testing, been having same problem
Instead of showing the quoted part, it shows I edited the post, seems to work fine here

thanks. I’m still trying to figure out if this is a feature or a bug.

my last 2 posts before these 2 in this thread have notifications that the system edited my posts.

Yes. What I mean is I’m trying to find out if the Discourse developers added this on purpose, for some reason.

As an update, I looked in the forum settings. I believe I found a way to turn off the suppression of the full-post quote. You can try it out and see if it works.