Can you block a person?

I can’t figure it out. I’ve been trying to read all the posts, and I’ve noticed, for some reason, the only posts I can’t seem to read are those by “littlemouse”. I find it very strange. The thread shows up fine, but when the last post is by littlemouse, it doesn’t show as read, and I can’t read the post.

It’s acting like I blocked littlemouse in my profile somewhere, or maybe like littlemouse blocked me?

I am having the same problem.
I noticed it in the thread containing the ongoing psychodrama about the man who phoned Ray & Tom regarding his car’s soul.

I haven’t been able to delete my entire comments (I don’t think, I’ll try with this one). I’ve only been able to delete the contents of a post, but after I do that, it still shows, just with nothing in it.

I did go to the profile, and check out a comment or two, just to make sure I wasn’t losing my mind (or the data bits). It’s a short trip for me.

Nope…can edit, but there’s no delete thing to click on for me. If I remove all the text, it comes up with red borders saying “Body is required”…I think I have a body. If not, I’m magically entering keyboard commands from a bodiless mind. So, no, I can’t delete entirely.

If our cyber babe is deleting them due to contents (which is possible), they should also delete from the thread. Which takes me back to my original thought in that there’s a problem building in the database.

User error, replace user and continue!

I guess one cannot delete a comment (see above). Only the text.

littlemouse is a pixie!

This problem (posts showing as unread, even though I have read them) has returned.
I am now experiencing it in the Fiat for Free thread.

My suggestion would be in control panel internet options set update to every time I visit the web page and set days to keep web pages to 0, and disable offline web pages:)

Interesting. Reminds me of the original Star Trek episode where some characters were accelerated to such a speed that they were only perceptible as a faint buzzing sound.

I posted in a thread about problems with the forum about not being able to see my own posts unless I was logged in, and sent Carolyn a message, but haven’t gotten a reply.

I see littlemouse “was” listed as the last comment…but there’s nothing there.

It’s kinda cool, really. It it really a “little mouse” running through the server messing with me? lol

Edit: Even better…once I posted this, I could see it!

mouse…she probably can’t see it. :slight_smile:

OK, sounds like there’s a few things going on here. How long have you been unable to delete your posts? And with respect to littlemouse’s posts…they’re showing up as empty comments to you? Strangely enough I am seeing the usernames disappear as well in the thread. I wish I could say this was all just a pre-Halloween Car Talk Community haunted house gag. Hmm. And no, littlemouse, I didn’t get your message…

And no, you can’t block individual users.

Almost, but not quite.

On the main page (, it shows that littlemouse has made the last comment. When I open the thread, it’s not there at all. It’s not deleted (empty), it’s just not there.

For deleting posts: Never. I’ve never been able to delete any post I make. I can remove all the comments (via “edit”), but that’s it. If I want it deleted, I’ll normally put “< delete >” in it or something, and when one of the cyber babes shows up, hopefully they’ll delete it…but if you don’t, it’s no biggie. Everyone would understand that I posted something that I decided should just be ignored (most of what I post is likely that way). :slight_smile:

Hey cdaquila, I think you are a moderator, I use firefox and have no delete post option, not that I want one, but really miss the rate user posts. Whish I knew what thread had littlemouse so I could see what I see in comparison.

OK, thanks for clarifying. And can any of you guys see comments outright disappearing? Waterboy’s is flashing on my screen about every minute or so, and chaissos’ name and time stamp are disappearing periodically as well.

Yay! I’m a “flash in the pan”, as it were. Now I’m here, now I’m not. :slight_smile:

No flashing here, what do you mean? Do I need IE to see flashing?

No, it appears this is my very own extra-special version of IE that is causing all sorts of slowdowns, text abnormalities, and spacing issues. :wink: I am having a really hard time posting/reading tonight. Waterboy, your post disappeared entirely while I was reading it.

That is curious, wow blacklisted?