Problems with your site

Your web pages open partly scrolled down. This includes the community home page as well as the first time I open a new post. Not sure why but it has been happening for about two weeks now.

There is also a new very annoying banner that sometimes pops up at the bottom of the page. This is not an advertisement like usually shows up but a yellow warning pop up TELLING me that I HAVE to turn off any ad blocking or script blocking software I might be running. The only way to get rid of it is to reload the page.

EDIT: MacPro Monterey 12.2.1 Safari 15.3

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I get the same thing. I thought I accidentally changed something in my settings. I do not get the opening partly scrolled down.

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I also get the scrolled page, but only when click on a page that’s been open for a while. It opens where the last answer is, or where the post in the weekly recap is. If there are only a few posts, I can scroll up to the beginning of the post. However, if there are a lot of posts, I can only scroll up a short while, then have to wait for the screen to refresh, then scroll up again, wait until the screen refreshes (wash, rinse, repeat) until I get to the beginning of the post. If there are a whole lot of posts, this can take a while.

I also get the banner on the bottom sometimes. There is usually an ‘X’ at the extreme top right corner and when I click on it the banner goes away, usually not to return.

It appears that Javascript that the site is based on was recently changed so it so that browsers that are more than a year or two old will not work with this site. Such is the way many web sites are now. A website is actually bringing in Javascript directly from a 3rd party to its viewers without any control from the site owner. If the 3rd party decides to change the Javascript, the site owner has no say in it.

Chromebook, no change noted!

Google chrome have not noticed any thing different.

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Google Chrome, as well, Should have the latest update, no problems. Do have the ad at the bottom but I’ve learned to hit the X if it get’s in my way.

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I haven’t noticed anything either with Chrome and Windows except it loads a little slow.

No problems here with Chrome and using ADBlock for Chrome.

Thank you for the feedback. I am also getting the error message. I’ve shared it, and will let you know if I hear anything. Probably won’t be today, since it’s Sunday. Sorry for the trouble.

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To be clear, when ever I open a page that I’ve opened before, it always scrolls to where I last closed it. This is happening on pages that I open for the first time and also the first time I open the home page after turning on my computer.

The yellow banner I’m talking about does not have an X to close it with like the ads do. I can only get rid of it by reloading the page.

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same with me. using Microsoft Edge.

I get that yellow banner intermittently, rather than consistently. It began–I think–yesterday, and as you noted, closing the page and reopening it gets rid of it.

Just for the record, I am using Chrome Version 100.0.4896.60.

mine is intermittent also.

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All good here.
-Browser: Firefox 98.0
-OS: Fedora 34

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I fail, no fedora, only 5 computers, 2 chromebooks, wife wanted a touchscreen so had to upgrade, $129, win 7 tower, win 10 laptop and ubuntu laptop. Chromebook my regular go to. The IBM thinkpad was an $1100 m410 I got instead of an $89 Chromebook I ordered. I did windows at work and did not want to see windows at home, so ordered another Chromebook from cdw outlet, and got a really nice HP windows 10 touch screen and all, think it was $119 my cost. Daughter needed a new laptop so I gave it to her. Sure I contacted CDW as was worried they might turn up by serial number as stolen. Win 10 m410 computer sent when I bought an $89 chromebook, Another expensive computer sent by their return outlet sales dept. $89. a coffee mug fell off and it was toast, figured the computer was toast so I ordered one with no OS to swap parts. Missed it by one number, no swappable parts, put ubuntu on it, Ended up the full of coffee mug knocked off connection for video and main board, reconnected them and everything is fine except touch pad, but I don’t mind using a mouse.

Mac mini Mojave 10.14.6 and Firefox 98.01 running Adblock+… no problems.

You might as well have been speaking in French for what I understood, except the part about spilling your coffee. I like the Rockler mugs and end up ordering two at a time. They break quite often. I’ve got one left yet. Long story but my first one was free. Story below if you want.

The nice thing about the ipad that I discovered is that I could just place my phone next to the ipad and follow the simpleton instructions. And bingo, everything on my phone transferred over to my ipad. No muss no fuss. And its a good thing because I had to use it with wifi to install my new printer. I don’t have wifi on my computer to install the dang thing. I know I’m really falling behind the technology but it’s nice when stuff can be simple.

The coffee mug story: I had stopped at Rockler to get a couple shop vac connectors and something else I can’t remember. About 20 miles away I started thinking they didn’t charge me enough and pulled over to check the receipt. Sure enough they were $10 short. So I called them but they wouldn’t do the transaction over the phone and said just to stop in sometime. So I week later I stopped in and paid the $10 for the part and invited me to their class the next day where they were giving away coffee mugs to the people that were coming. I said no I can’t make and he said well here take a mug anyway.

They are really nice campfire type mugs so when it fell on the garage floor and broke I ordered another two. Jeeze they are $10 a piece and I’ve gone through about four of them already. So maybe I should have just forgot about the $10 error.

Too off topic but too late now.

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no issues here this morning. I’m running Internet Explorer 11. Did you all hear that Will Smith just slapped Chris Rock??? :rofl: :sweat_smile:

legit no issue- Windows 10 Ent – Chrome Version 100.0.4896.60 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I only get the yellow banner intermittently also, but generally at least once during my visit to this site, and only when looking at a post, not on the home page.