Problems with the website

Been having a terrible time with this site lately. You guys are “over the top” with popups.
I appreciate that the site is free, very well run, and you guys do a great job. But I just had to provide the feedback.

Yes @tsm, the site has become a gauntlet of pup ups and diversions and thumbnail videos to endure. I just crashed my computer to get away from what seemed a spiral into oblivion when reading your post.

Site has been working fine for me on an iPad, without the popups, diversions(?) and videos mentioned above. I wonder what the difference is.

I think your computers may be infected with malware.

I use Firefox with adblock plus and I don’t see any popups or other types of ads here.

@Rod Knox and TSM, if you’re using PC’s you might want to try running Malware Bytes. I’ve found it works very well at getting all sorts of junk (popups, etc) off of PC’s:

I’m running Windows 7 with Firefox. I have all kinds of problems running IE 11. I don’t need adblock plus with the newest version of Firefox.

Hi Folks,

You shouldn’t be experiencing pop-ups from us-- we haven’t sold underwriting to any partner that includes pop-up underwriting inventory which, frankly, is pretty obnoxious. Can you share more specifics, and I can investigate to see what’s going on?


Doug Mayer
Car Talk

@MB, you might have adware or spyware accidentally installed on your computer. I find that whenever I notice text turning into popup ads, some website has run a script that installs an adware extension on my browser.

This is why I recommend everyone install an ad blocker, a flash blocker, and a script blocker on either Firefox or Google Chrome. The only thing Internet Explorer is good for is downloading a better browser.

^ + 1 to Whitey. Internet Explorer is an open invitation for every piece of cr@p on the Internet to invade your PC. The popups, etc, on my mother’s PC were so bad that I had to permanently disable IE by manually entering a dummy proxy server address so that it could never find its way back onto the Internet even though Windows kept trying to resurrect it. It was like a vampire that wouldn’t die without an oak stake through its heart.

PS…here’s how to do it. it’s quite simple:

Of course, download Firefox or Google Chrome first. Then disable IE and watch your browsing troubles disappear.

Does no one else have the Nissan Pathfinder banner at the bottom and the Mucinex thumbnail video at the lower margin at Recent Discussions?

The banner ads vary, but when I disable my ad blocker, I see a banner ad at the top and a banner ad at the bottom, one of each. After reloading the page a few times with the ad blocker disabled, I don’t see ads for Nissan or Mucinex.

"I’m running Windows 7 with Firefox. I have all kinds of problems running IE 11. I don’t need adblock plus with the newest version of Firefox. "

I upraded to IE 10 and it was so bad, I uninstalled it again. It would continually drop me out, and on one finance site, would time me out every ten seconds or so. I hear Win 7 and IE 10 and 11 are not very compatible.

I haven’t had any problem though with Chrome, Firefox, or IE 8 though, but doesn’t seem like there are a lot of new postings though.

I’m running IE11, no problems whatsoever. I periodically us CCleaner, and occasionally Malware Bytes. If you haven’t used them (both are free, I’ve used them for years) you’ll be surprised at all the junk they eliminate.

Like some other have said, I think you’re infected, not a problem with this web site.

Yeah but are you running Windows 7 with IE11? Seems to be an issue with 7. I use Marwarebytes too regularly and another cleaner daily.

Yes, Windows 7.

Dmeyer, I appreciate your posting back to me. I’ll try to be more specific but I’m not a computer guy. What’s happening recently is that when I try to open the site I get “A problem with this website has caused Explorer to shut it down and reopen it”. Repeated attempts will allow entry, but I then get popups as well as freezing of the site. When posting replys, I’ll also get “you don’t have permission to do this” boxes, even though I’m logged in.

Oh, I’m running Windows 8.1 with Norton protection, if that helps.

If I could only fix it with a wrench… :slight_smile:

Here, no pop ups at all. Site is behaving for the most part trouble free. No change noted in site performance, stable for many months. Using IE and VM-Ware.

I downloaded Firefox and the banners, etc are not showing up there. Thanks to all.

One more thing. The site also seems to be selecting random words and creating links out of them.

Please don’t think this is dissatisfaction with the job you guys are doing. It’s just feedback on problems I’ve been experiencing recently.

TSM … I don’t think the problem is with this web site. More likely there is some kind of software running in the background on your computer which is trying to prompt you to buy stuff depending on the text on the web site you are looking at. Have you looked at the list of programs running in the task manager? (assuming you are using Windows.)