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Annoiying video

Is anyone else getting a small square video playing an ad for nexfuel when they open Community ? It is getting through my adblock+ no matter what browser I use.

Hmm. I’m not seeing it.

I have a black video box at the top of the community page but I don’t click on video or links so I just ignore it.

It space reserved for advertising. I ignore it. If it bothers you hit the stop button

I noticed the extra space at the top of the main forum page Wed. morning (9/21), but there was no video because my script blocker was blocking it (NoScript in Firefox browser). Allowing scripts from makes the video appear. Also requires Flash to be activated. Seems to be advertising from NESN Fuel, a website that “provides news and video about auto racing, new cars, car buying tips, car reviews, and the automotive industry”. NESN = New England Sports Network.

I see it on top of my page, it is just that I have blocked this page for flash player so it doesn’t play.

I think this should go on the bug reports.

Also, my pages load in pieces, I guess this is by design since we don’t have pages any more, but mine keeps jumping up and down.

I am using firefox and windows 10 if it makes any difference.

I see the same as Volvo_v70.

edit: now it’s playing automatically, something about NESN_fuel.

I have the box, it has a play button, so I don’t hear or see the ad. win 10 pro, chrome browser, straight install o chrome, have not changed a thing.

Yes, my screen shows a black box, and–yes–it is annoying, as it slows-down the loading of the page.
The only good news for me is that there is no video that automatically plays.
On my screen, after it finally loads, there is currently an ad for Volkswagen.

Edited to add:
Now it’s an ad for Vauxhall!

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I have a flash blocker on my browser, so I can see the box, but there is no video playing.

“Yes, my screen shows a black box, and–yes–it is annoying, as it slows-down the loading of the page.”

Right now there’s a video displayed that advertises a Ford Ranger. It’s not running, yet, but it is loading and will take many minutes to load and slows my system to a crawl or makes it iffy.

It not only annoys me, but with my low-tech PC set-up it renders this site nearly impossible for me to use.

It took many minutes, several tries and infinite patience to load this community page. To keep my sanity and not waste all of my time I will eventually grow tired and avoid coming here if this continues.

I never respond to any advertising of any kind, phone calls, e-mails, snail mail, newspaper, video, etcetera. Give it to somebody else, please.

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@CSA, if you tell me which browser you’re using, I can help you install an ad blocker and a flash blocker on your browser. That will block this video and most advertising. These browser extensions can be easily disabled on sites that don’t work without the ads.

I just noticed that the video is on the top of every thread page too, not just the community home page. Is this something Discourse has added without the Lackeys’ knowledge?

I’ve had the videos running for 2 days. Now just the black box. The site has crashed twice today. Hmmm…

Are you going to rush to your local Vauxhall dealer???

What we’re seeing:

I have Adblock Plus and I uninstalled my Flash player but this ad gets through anyway. There was a small block button above the top right that I clocked so I don’t see the ad but I can’t make the box go away.

The flash blocker I use is called Flashcontrol, and it appears to be working.

However, first I am planning on visiting the local Suzuki and Isuzu dealerships.


I thought Suzuki got out of the American car market.