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Please feel free to report argumentative new members or frustrated regulars

Hi folks,
These are very stressful times. It is easy to get caught up in arguments with strangers online. I’ve been guilty of that myself at times. If you see a new member picking fights, just report the post. As soon as the admin login next, we will suspend the account of the new troublemaker. In the event that one of our regulars has a bad day, we will simply delete the posts and comments if they get a little overheated.

Wishing you all good health in these uncertain times.


John G.


Better than TV whatever happens.

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Maybe yes, maybe no.
If you have FiOs TV service, they are giving free access to some of their premium channels for at least a few weeks:

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Do not know FIO, dish added 20 channels for viewing pleasure, still here.

FiOs is Verizon’s TV service.

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