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It is easier to ban the new member than it is to keep the regulars in check. When a new member is making too much noise the routine is for 6 to 8 regulars to engage with argument with the new member until a four letter work comes out, then Volvo will call the police and ask to have the new member banned and the thread closed.

Recently a new member came here to talk “shop”, the others weren’t on the same level and the new member was banned for 1000 years for being argumentative.

There is that one guy who engages in argument every week, most regulars know to ignore that guy.

If you’re referring to the last guy (the one who re registered under a new name), his first account was locked after he sent me a series of profane private messages that had nothing to do with wanting to talk shop and being on a different level than the rest of the regulars. I just asked him not to curse. I even agreed with his point that people need to answer the questions asked and not tell somebody to go out and buy a new car. I didn’t lock him out a second time.

Also: The thousand-year date is assigned by Discourse, not me.


It is not about disagreement of opinions. I have stated that many times. But can you really disagree on the facts; especially when tried and proven by the one who has done it…opposed (disagreed to) by the one who has not?

The discussion has apparently not ended with those few who keeping posting to me in disparaging remarks. You obviously have not followed this thread from the beginning until now. My insults are actually telling it like it is, and towards ones addressing me in much more disparaging ways.

Bottom line: Why keep post cutting remarks if wanting to stop??? That is what is happening. I am merely responding. Again…they stop…then I stop. It is really that simple.

In case you’d like to skim through @Rick-Woodbury’s latest post rather than read it, basically, he’s begging you to ban him. I can’t see any other reason to continue bickering the way he is.

I know you don’t like doing it, but it’s time to drop the ban hammer.

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Thanks. All I can say is: If I am being that argumentative, wouldn’t it be a done issue if they just ignore me? Why bring me back into a discussion if they are so tired of revisiting it. But as you say…the game is to provoke for an oust. So childish, but perhaps sadly true.

It was before that, I don’t recall the topic but it was the one that inspired this; Please feel free to report argumentative new members or frustrated regulars

The member appeared to be an auto mechanic, others in the discussion were not. Seemed unusual to ban someone for having too much repair experience.

For the ban time period, it seems that some of the regular trouble makers should be restricted from discussions for a period of time that is reasonable.

I just saw the exchange between yourself and cdaquila. It sounds like that last guy cdaquila was referring to is me. Please be advised that at no time did I use profanity or send any personal email of profanity. And I am not a re-registered member. Furthermore, I was not telling anyone to just go out and buy a new car. I was just offering some helpful saving tips on ones opting to do so. There is a difference that must be said.

If the reference was not to me, then I offer cdaquila my humble apology.

No, it was a crude mechanic.


Hi Rick:
When you commented about some of the cutting replies you get on this board, I agreed with you and tried to be supportive. And I meant it.

However, you need to do your part too. The feedback you’ve been getting in the last 24 hours is spot on. The only way this or any board can operate is if parties are willing to “let go” of disagreements.


I agree with you a 100%. And that is what I have been advocating ever since it started taking a ridiculous and redundant spin. Have you paid attention to my suggested remedy? They (THEY) stop…I stop. I am only one…they are seemingly in essence a click of a few with a group objective; others, like yourself (I am presuming) are not part of this particular click. Consider the phase similar to…never wake up a sleeping lion. It simply means…if you don’t bother him (if a male lion) then he won’t bother you. If I, a party of one, stop…the others as it appears, will not. So, it is fruitless (and perhaps disingenuous) to ask me to stop…when others are not.

Yet you never stop.


You’ve said they’re not stopping, but there hasn’t been a comment in the thread you’re referring to in three days. As @texases noted, you’re the one who hasn’t stopped.


You talking about that guy . . . texas rebel or something like that . . . that claimed he was a longtime mechanic and proceeded to say he had 5 ase credentials?

And then I proceeded to say I had WAY more credentials than him . . . and he “doubted” if I was telling the truth, to be polite. But the way he doubted me was anything but polite :smirk:

And then he may have reappeared very soon after being banned, but claimed he was the neighbor

You talking about that guy? :thinking:

@db4690 He wasn’t. That user was within the last month or so. It was in the spring, according to the thread he referenced.

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It was Brian Sydnes;

Another Dryden epic is developing.

Explain for the unenlightened please.

John Dryden was an author well know for his mock epic poetry. “Mack Flecknoe” was particularly entertaining for me. The adage ‘tempest in a tea pot’ describes the literature and this thread.

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Ditto to you my friend. Try not posting to me again about stopping, when you are continuing.

Last word, I win!