Weekend Support Issues?

Hi everyone,

I hope this won’t turn out to be a problem, but I’d rather over-prepare than under-prepare. Over the holiday weekend, I won’t be popping into the Community as much. If there are new gremlins that strike, please throw up the signal or e-mail me at carolyn@cartalk.com and I’ll contact Support.

Have a great long weekend, and thank you for everything.


Enjoy your holiday.

Everything has been perfect for the last hour or so. Saturday…10:45 AM EST. Enjoy, enjoy.

I don’t care if the whole thing implodes. I’m not going to disturb your holiday. I still remember a world when things really did stop periodically, so that you can get off. Just because electronics have brought the 24/7 “life-cycle” that doesn’t mean that I have to participate in it - or ask others to on my account.

Or, in other words, have a nice long weekend.

You have a great weekend also Carolyn, We all have our stuff to deal with,

I’m with Cig on this.
Real life is far, far, far more important than cyber life. I’m late posting to this one, but I hope you had a beautiful holiday weekend.

Likewise; thanks to you all for the wishes.