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Is this site having a server problem?

This site is taking a loooong time to load today, and I am not experiencing this problem with any other websites. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

Hmmm… The problem seems to have been resolved.

I was getting a site problem that required my tablet to reload.
Still have those annoying pop up ads on the bottom of the page that will pop up when you are typing a reply. Just did it as I was typing this reply, had to clear the advertisement to Finnish and post this reply.

There was a big Verizon fiber outage earlier today affecting much of the northeastern US. That could be related.

In Florida, Spectrum WiFi.

But Car Talk servers may be in Boston

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The Hahvahd Squayah offices are no longer, sadly. We are a 100% remote operation now. I don’t actually know where our servers are.

Glad everything is working again.


Everything was slow for me for a while today. You guys just don’t get around.

Could be a local problem, Haven’t had any problems with this site, my internet did briefly go down a few nights ago but only for maybe 30-45min.