Long truck

I was at Home Depot the other day and saw this in the parking lot. I’ve never seen a crew cab and long bed on the same pickup before. I wonder if the combination was part of the customization. I don’t think you can tell, but it’s a duallie, and slammed to boot. Anyone like it? Obviously customized, but an old modification. I like it slammed, but the length doesn’t do anything for me.

I like it. Not much for the flames, but that’s just me. I bet it rides decent, with the length and weight it’s got.

I notice he kinda, sorta got in that parking space. Good effort, anyway!

You could get that cab/bed combination in that era, The wheels aren’t my taste but the rest of it looks really good.

Back then all dual rear wheel pickup trucks came with the 8 foot cargo box.


The crew cab-long bed combo is still a thing. Ford still offers it on the Super Duty trucks, single or duallie, but not on the F-150, similar situation with Ram, and GM. They aren’t super common as the logistics of using one for personal transport can be impractical in the real world. Parking especially.


What’s the difference between a Super Duty and an F-250?
Never mind, it looks like all F250/350/450 are “Super Duty”.

as the picture verifies :rofl: :rofl:


There were a couple years where you could get a “light duty” F-250, which was based on the 97-03 F-150 or a HD F-250 which was a carryover from the 92-96 body style. The light duty F-250 was also called the “F-150 7700” sometimes as it had a 7700 pound GVWR. The Super Duty was the replacement for the HD F250/350. However back in the late 80’s and early 90’s one could get a Super Duty truck which was basically the same as an F-350, but with beefier suspension and maybe medium duty axles (not 100% sure on that). They were almost always chassis-cabs and saw use as tow-trucks most often.


And some such iterations had seven lug wheels!

I’d get rid of the topper, but I’d drive it if I had a mission for it. Like, I dunno, hauling a trailer with 40 cows and a weeks worth of cattle feed in the bed on a 600 mile road trip with very few curves while bringing my wife and her extended family along for the trip. Or maybe reinforce that topper and use it as a mobile runway for STOL planes. :wink:

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Ya, has a cowboy limo vibe.

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Drug store cowboy.

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Wanna be cowboy.

But, I wouldn’t be too surprised if this was used for personal transport on a regular basis. Years ago, I had a neighbor who used a duallie pickup as his only vehicle, and he was not a tradesman.

Years ago at a drag boat race at Firebird Raceway near Phoenix AZ, seemed like every drag boat was towed in with one of these trucks. Crew cab, long bed, lowered with the dualies replaced with a super wide rear tire… super single semi tire and wheel. All with custom paint jobs advertising their boats.

Made for a very long rig.

There is a Hispanic name emblazoned on the rear window of the cap. The term cowboy might fit.

… or maybe Vaquero


Probably too long a wheelbase to drive on a narrow winding road, but okay in the wide open plains.

If a truck that can’t fit into a parking space is your kind of thing, enjoy. I’ll pass.


Kind of like steering the Titanic…