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Looking for a new truck and travel trailer

Hello my name is Tammy. I am looking to buy a new truck. I was thinking a 250 lariat diesel king cab. Cause I also want to buy a new travel trailer too. 25-27 ft long. And no off light brand trailer. My Brother went through all of this , he bought new 150 ford disel and a 32ft trailer. Had a hard time pulling the mountains.Then I was told to buy Dodge not sure heard motor good but everything falls apart. And my other question 1. new fords are aluminum body? and when I go out of state of calif. do I have to put something in my gas if I buy diesel?

The F250 has a much larger diesel than the F-150. Would have no problem pulling a trailer.
As to diesel fuel additives, I don’t know but would not think diesel fuel sold in the other 49 states would require any. But consult your dealer.
The F-150 do have many aluminum body panels, I would assume the F250 also do.
As far as brand, Ford guys will say Ford, Dodge guys will say Dodge, GM guys will say GMC or Chevy.
All three have good engines.

Me, I would go the opposite direction. Get a motor home and tow a small car.

I fully agree with Purebred. A motor home is the smart choice, You spend a large amount of time fooling with a trailer when you are towing it. I would rather spend that time enjoying myself on the road.

Not enough truck for the job. The F-250/350 would be better suited for the job. Beefier frame, bigger brakes, heavier suspension, etc. The F-150 is also beholden to CAFE standards (the F-250/350 isn’t), the introduction of the diesel in the F-150 was to boost Ford’s light truck CAFE numbers, and to appeal to fleet buyers who favor low operating costs above everything else, this is why the new 3.0L Powerstroke is only available on the base F-150 fleet orders and the high end trim levels, but not the mid-range trim levels.

That’s what I’ve heard as well, though I readily admit I have no first hand experience regarding that.

Yes they are. The Super Duty trucks went to aluminum bodies in 2017.

If you had a diesel truck, you wouldn’t have gas in it to begin with. Newer diesels often require the use of diesel exhaust fluid which is something that’s consumed by modern diesel’s SCR emissions systems. It’s not something you add to the fuel. It has it’s own tank that you fill with DEF every once in a while.

watched a video where they did a quarter mile race vs the 150/250. 150 has 450lbs torque and the 250 has 800+ lbs and the 250 won hands down. those values are appx though.

Take the price of a new F250 and add the price of a decent 25 foot travel trailer and the thought of herding that thing around I can stay in a lot of nice motel rooms and vacation cabins.

I wonder if Tammy has ever driven a rig like she is asking about .

A lot of people these days live in travel trailers or motor homes. No longer are they used just for vacations or weekends. The cost of ownership and living in one year round is far cheaper then hotels.

As a former tractor trailer driver I reas these posts with amusement. Peoples towing requirements these days seem to be not slowing below 75 for any hill. To do this you apparently need to spend another 20 or 30 thousand dollars for a pickup instead of the lighter and cheaper one that would have done the job just fine.

I had a friend who was a pipeline welder and pulled the 38 foot trailer his family of 4 lived in all over the US with his Ford, Olds or Buick.

I drove many rigs that would slow to 15 mpn on some hills. You just get in the right lane and put your 4 ways on.

In Florida it is illegal to drive with four way flashers on and for good reason, with conventional red turn signal/brake lights the four way overrides their function. But on the other hand this is a law that is not enforced. Common to see people with four way flashers on for no reason.

In NY you can get a ticket for not using your 4 ways when going 40 or less on the interstate and PA is the same except they add under 25 on state highways. I got a warning ticket for not using my 4 ways on a bright sunny afternoon gouing Nothbound up US 15 at about 15 mph.up Sream Valley mountain. I apologized for not knowing the state law and he let me go with a warning because I had never had a ticket in PA.

Five minutes later I was pulled over for doing 65 down the hill and when the trooper saw the warning ticket sticking up out of my pocket he asked about it. I showed it to him and asked “Cant we average these out” He laughed and let me go with another warning ticket.

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Looks like we need a national use code. But, in a way,they do work. Often see people using them for no obvious reason. I give those drivers a wide berth.