A new twist on frontier vs tacoma

I recently asked for opinions on crew cab pick ups because I was ready to trade in my trusty old reg cab ford 150. Got some answers and after awhile I went shopping. I didn’t come home with either. Ford was offering nearly 11k in rebates on 150’s and I just couldn’t pass up what I feel is more truck for the money. We have had all three grandkids in the back and they can’t kick the front seats because theres so much room. With the 5.0 liter engine my first 900 miles have avgd 19.3 mpg. I bought from the local dealer and the salesman said mine was the 5th 150 they sold that day, I see why.

Glad you’re pleased. There isn’t much difference between full sized and mid sized pickups these days, except price. If you get a good deal on a half ton, it is a no brainier.

I feel full size trucks are dramatically bigger in capacity and potentially a huge difference in towing. When you get the basic full size half ton, you’re getting a foundation for truck size all the way up to a one ton. Their rides are dramatically better too. That’s the concession you make to have full half ton capacity in a smaller vehicle. Generally, if you had full size trucks, it’s tough to wean yourself off when there is little difference in economy; they all stink. The midsize tricks ride like buckboards in 4wd. There is no dramatic difference in mileage like there is cars by size. The real advantage to midsize only comes off road and easy of driving in congested areas. It disappears if you go for crew cabs.

Priority #1 is making you happy, if the F150 Crewcab is it than great

So the major issue is what color did you get?