Help me decide on 3/4 ton truck

Guys I’m going to get right to the point.

I have grown up Ford. When I looked at f250’s last December the local dealers wouldn’t budge so I bought a Ram 2500 6.4 hemi.

Was a great truck but among some nickel and dime issues, I absolutely hated the MDS (cylinder deactivation) and ultimately a video breaking down why hemis have cam and lifter failures, and some friends having cam/lifter issues on their Chrysler products ultimately pushed me into selling it.

I ordered an f250 7.3 gas which is taking forever to come in due to covid. Will be a few more months likely.

As I research, I see that some ram 2500 cummins aren’t too far in price from the Ford 7.3 I ordered (no money down by the way) and come with the 100k power train warranty.

Some of the ford diesels are similarly priced with the 100k as well.

For me I don’t tow all the time, won’t push much past 10,000 lbs but I much prefer to have more than enough truck, the 3/4 ton trucks are way more stable towing anything compared to 1/2.
Plus I want crew cab long beds only.

Diesel is added maintenance costs.

I want to keep this truck for at least 10 years or more so I want it to last and not give me grief.

What’s your experience?

I have had three small block gas 1/2 ton GM trucks used to tow an almost 10K lb trailer 6 to 8 times a year from 120 to 1150 miles at a trip. I had to slow a bit going up the long hills but all performed well. All 3 were at or a little above the max towing capacity. l would get 8 mpg loaded and about 16 mpg highway unloaded.

I owned one 3/4 ton Suburban with a 7.4 liter big block that towed the same trailer. It didn’t slow up the long hills. Barely knew the trailer was there. Got 7 mpg loaded and 11 mpg highway unloaded, 9 mpg around town. I could not rationalize the fuel cost for towing to 8 times a year.

There are half ton trucks from any of the big 3 that will tow well more than 12,000 lbs with 4 door, long beds with low cost, long life, low maintenance gasoline engines.

You have to ask yourself, do you really need a 3/4 ton diesel to tow, or is this an image you want to project?

Edit… whoops, noticed you ordered a 7.3 gas. Looks like it will be a durable engine but only time will tell. Not sure what the mpg ratings are going to be.


Yeah I’ve owned and towed with half tons. They’ll do it, but not as well. Not as stable. I want the 3/4 ton for the stability. I tow weekly but not heavy weight weekly.

Mainly looking for ram vs ford and gas and diesel

I really don’t know much about trucks and I’ve never owned a Ford, but from general observation around here, Ford seems to be the truck of choice. At least among those that are really put to work on a daily basis.


My dad and brother has a 2019 f250 with the 6.7 they love them I’ve pulled a 14000 lb camper and could barely tell anything was behind it and so far they have had no Trouble my dad has had 4 of the 6.7 all was very good I plan to get me one soon

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