I am trying to figure out what I can haul with this truck…according to Ford its an HD F 250, but they give no GVWR, my door says 8,600 lbs max, but the HD’s were rated at 8,800. If it helps at all the rear shoe is a 3inch, not a 2.5 inch. Legally I should probably follow what the door jam says, but I guess Im curious if I have an F 250 or and F 250HD. It has a 351w, and I have also seen different numbers on hp and torque, the most common was 210hp and torque in the 320’s range. Can anyone help me narrow down the specs on this truck? Thanks in advance.

“Can anyone help me narrow down the specs on this truck?” No better then a dealer could with your VIN number. Regardless of the slight discrepancy in the weights, you have a general idea. That little difference means you err on the side of less.

What year is it, and what engine do you have in your truck? The HD should have a larger engine than you can get in a regular F250 even as an option.

The model year of the truck would help? The 351 windsor motors were in various Ford products with different carbs etc., that accounts for the different numbers on HP and torque.

As far as GVWR the door plate is gospel. No matter what info you find elsewhere, the number on that plate is the GVRW for your truck.

I’m guessing the OP’s truck is a 1997 or 1998. What happend in those years was that before Ford’s Super Duty truck came out. There were two different F-250’s marketed and sold at the same time. The Light Duty F-250 was based on the then new F-150, it had 8 lug wheels, and a beefier rear axle, and bigger brakes. It used the same engines as the F-150 though, the 4.6L and 5.4L. The Heavy Duty F-250 was based on the previous 1992-1996 design. And was more or less a carryover from 1996.It used the old OHV 351W, 460, and the 7.3L powerstroke as well.

The 351W does indeed have 210 HP and about 325 torque IIRC.

Sorry, didnt notice I forgot the year, it is a 96 F 250 4x4 longbox, regular cab. It is also non carburated, it’s got the big dangly air plenum. I tried to get info from the dealer and they told me their VIN info only goes back 10 years!!

You have an OLD truck and the door jam weight means nothing. You need to have the truck inspected by a reputable towing equipment service and provider or body shop and have it evaluated. If no rust and every thing looks OK, I would draw the line at 5 k. Be aware ! Summons have been written on vehicles exceeding tow rates based upon their condition, and not just what the door plate says.

I’m with Dag on this. If you;re going to be haulng large loads you need to be sure you’re not oxertaxing the thruck, and in an old truck that means a good look-see by a qualified shop.