Logging in

Is anybody else having problems when trying to log into the Community/ Repair. Mine kept coming up with an error when I logged in. I had to login and then go to Contact / Car Talk Community.

No problem here.

I am having problems. No matter which browser I use I get an error but only when I click on “Community”. I finally got in by going to a link to a previous discussion on Google and then hitting “Topics” when I got there. This is the first time I have been on this page in almost a week.

Yes, I am having huge problems

Logging in is no problem

Yet, I also had to get into “Community” through a link. The link was through an email, actually.

What’s disturbing is that this problem has existed for a few days now.

I suppose the moderator is not there during the weekend.

Yup. Ihave not been on in 3 days. I tried Chrome and IE. I was having withdraw.

I use IE 10, and have no log-in problems.
In fact, just clicking on Recent Discussions two or three times brings up, “VDCdriver”, automatically.

Perhaps you should update your version of IE if you are using one of the older versions.

@VDCdriver - Updating to IE10 is not viable for many of us. In my job I have to log into many government websites, none of which support IE10 yet. Besides, updating your website to support only one browser is ridiculous. I have tried to open the community link in IE9, Chrome, and Opera and NONE of them work. My Java and Flash (and all other plugins) are up to date so this is a ridiculous problem. Lastly, the fact that all of us experiencing this problem can get in via other methods means that it is NOT truly a browser compatibility issue. This looks like a website architecture issue where some programmer made a change and did not check to see if it was working properly.

Perhaps a programmer thought . . .

“Well, everything’s working as it should be. Nobody’s complaining. Nevertheless, I’ve got some spare time, so let’s play around.”

I’m having problems too. Sometimes the page doesn’t fully load. So I have to close the page and reopen it to get it to fully load.

This site has had browser issues in the past. So I’m not surprised.


Two PCs here and problems with both over the last few days. The one running Windows is hit and miss and the other with Firefox is chronic.

What I’m getting with both is a “Something has gone wrong” message with advice to try again later.

Yeah I’ve been having problems for the last couple weeks. Doesn’t matter which browser but my problems are evidently timing out issues. Not a lot of fun but maybe that’s why there has been such a low traffic level lately.

Still using my G4 Power Mac with Safari and other than the fact that when I come to this site the first time after boot up, I am not automatically logged on, but as soon as I click on any topic, then I am automatically logged in. To sum it up, no problems at this time.

I get the problem message when I try to login with my XP PC, on both IE and Firefox. Safari on my iPhone works fine. Fine as in it looks like I’m not logged in until I refresh or go to another page.

I have the opposite problem in that I get an error when I try to sign out. I seem to be permanently logged in.

Definitely problems. I have tried multiple browsers etc. and ended up with some convoluted route to be able to log in, and get to here. I was sidelined so I could not respond. I think it was log in at the show first that worked in Chrome, Firefox a no go. IE no clue.

Same logging in problem here with new pc. Phone works.

My problems were on the day of the tropical rain so I think it’s over for most of us.

I still can’t log in. I get

“Something has gone wrong. We’ve run into a problem and are unable to handle your request right now. Please check back in a little while.”

Suddenly it’s working for me again. While on the “Recent Discussions” page, I clicked the “Recent Discussions” link, and the threads show up as I left them.

Still having to come in the back way. The Community tab gives me an “Opps Sorry” message.