Another web site issue!

On my home computer, the site recognizes me and I don’t have to sign in. When I use my work computer, it will not allow me to sign in.

That might be a firewall issue…

It’s weird, but for me, everything seems to be working OK except 1 thread…

Geoff with a G (

That one just won’t mark itself as read. Everything else does, though. I wonder if I also managed to make sarasmile32 mad. I’m a guy, so I’m probably on the hit list, too. :slight_smile:

Geoff with a G

It started that way with me…It was ONLY that thread that said it was still unread…NOW all threads say they are unread…even though I’ve read them. If I log out then log back in then the threads I read show as being read…but the process starts all over…I read a thread…and it still shows as being unread.

It’s getting very annoying…

That happens to me on occasion too. Sometimes with all threads, sometimes only with specific threads.

I think I may be onto something here…

With the one thread I referenced above, it shows all the posts in a single page. Yet, I still see the “< 1 2 >” entries at the bottom, indicating that the server thinks it has more than one page. After going back and forth a few times, looking at both pages (which were the same page), it cleared, and now shows as read.

So, either the server is getting overloaded (very possible), or the database is letting us know it’s about to be corrupted…which could really suck.

With all those folks getting log on errors, and having to reset passwords…I’m leaning towards a corrupted database. But you folks will have to figure that out.

I think the auto draft save feature may be the source of some of these problems. If you can’t get rid of it, then at least extend the time out to several minutes, not the few seconds it now does.

Hmm. CapriRacer, when you say it won’t let you log in, what happens when you try?

CapriRacer: try this: sign out on your home computer, sign in on your work computer, then try to sign in on your home computer.

If that doesn’t yield results, check with your IT Department. This is the sort of problem they love to work on. :slight_smile:

I’m having the same problem. When I try to click on the log in button nothing happens. I never had this problem before from my work computer.

“…Hmm. CapriRacer, when you say it won’t let you log in, what happens when you try? …”

If I am not on my home computer, when I click on the log in area, nothing happens - and the page loses all its functionality. I tried unblocking the pop-ups and it does the same thing. In other words, I don’t get a login popup - which I do get if I sign out on my home computer.

That JUST happened to me. In fact, it quite irritated me, and I closed the page, thinking something was wrong. Which, technically, it is, but…

The login box is there…you just can’t see it. That’s why you have nofunctionality. It’s waiting for you to input your logon/password.

At the top of the page, right near where your logon name would normally be (by “Topic Index Recent Discussions”) the box is hiding. Move your cursor around in that area until it changes to the regular text input bar, instead of the pointer.

You can tab between the spaces to put your logon ID and password in. Shift-tab goes up. Then hit enter.

You can’t see anything you type, so you have to know your stuff.

CDA, this would be a really, really, really good thing to fix.

chaissos - You using Internet Explorer??

If so…try firefox. Cartalk seems to work better in Firefox…but there are still issues.

I’m at work, so IE is it. I do use FireFox at home (and Chrome, and Opera, and Safari). I use them all to verify compatibility with the pages I write. I have no control over this system, though…it’s very irritating, but I certainly understand why it’s that way.

I’ve also noticed that in FF, the “Recent Discussions” link at the top is duplicated on the right hand menu, whereas in IE, the right hand menu shows “All Discussions”.

Seems like someone modified the CSS pages, and forgot some stuff.

Hmmm…seems like someone repaired a file or something. The “Recent Discussions” on the right now shows “All …”, and the posts are also clearing correctly.

For me, anyway. Hope it’s working for you guys, too.

Never went bad, firefox, adblocker, mcafee.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)…One of the worse things about web development. It was definitely designed by an Artist…and NOT an Engineer.

Seems like someone modified the CSS pages, and forgot some stuff.

Or they named another style sheet the same name as the one they were using…one of the BAD designs in CSS.

Chase and willey (and anyone else) - are you still having the problem in which you click on the login button and the page loses functionality?

I just logged out/in on both IE 9.0.8112.16421 and FF 7.0.1 with no problems.

If I may be so bold, what was the fix?

Chase, you’re free to be bold, but I wasn’t made party to that information! :wink:

Is the issue with not showing the unread threads…are you not considering that an issue??

What about the 10 or so threads that ALWAYS show that I they haven’t been read.

I still think you have problems.