Problems fixed?

Hey guys out there, what happened, is Car-Talk site fixed? I used it twice today and it worked perfect, better than it ever has even in the past.
Sure hope it keeps working this way, what a relief. Honda Bill from Canada.

I didn’t know it was broken. I haven’t been having any trouble with the site for quite a while.

Do you use IE8 with Windows XP? There was a definite problem with that combination for a couple of months. I just downloaded Firefox and used it for CarTalk. I use IE8 for the rest of the web.

I thought yesterday was just a lucky streak for me. I hope I haven’t spoken too soon.

The Car Talk site started working for me (correctly that is) only within the past week. I use IE 8.

Before last week, whenever I surfed to the “Community” section I’d get several error messages saying the “tab has been recovered”, at which point I might could post once or twice, then usually followed by being kicked off the site by some Internet Explorer error code. This problem has apparently been fixed of recent. Many thanks to the CT web gurus for their help!

Spoke too soon.

The car-talk site is still working 100 %. I also mentioned it on Feb 1/12 that it was working great. Thanks so much for correcting it. Honda Bill . PS. This is to the people that run this site

I have three browser, Safari, Firefox and Chrome and can never predict which one will play the show. All of them work fine on this site.