Car Talk Community Page Blank w/Internet Explorer

This just started last night, 8.9.2019, around 8 pm PDT. Not sure whose end, website or mine. Anybody else here notice this problem using Internet Explorer? I click “community” then there’s nothing but a blank page.

Why do you even have Internet Explorer , it has been unsupported for quite some time now.

I just tried it with Edge and it’s working normally. Windows 10

Yes, I have been able to access the page. If anyone else is having trouble please let us know here. Thanks.

Have you tried using a better browser?
The only thing I use IE for is downloading a better browser, like Chrome or Firefox.


I’m currently able to access the forums using either Chrome or Edge, but not IE. I prefer IE b/c of the drop down menu and the ability to easily enlarge the font size. Chrome & Edge will enlarge the entire page but changing just the font size is either impossible or clumsy to accomplish. I don’t have a sense if the problem is on my end or the Car Talk end at this point. It could well be on my end, as I recall I had a similar problem some years ago when they switched to the Discourse platform. It’s unclear from the comments above if anyone here has actually verified they can view the forums page using IE. ??

George , you maybe the only one using IE .

My intention wasn’t just to be snarky about IE. With MS coming out with Edge, IE is now more obsolete than it ever was, with web developers not concerned at all whether their stuff is compatible with it.

I get what you’re saying about being able to enlarge the font without also having to enlarge the graphics, but there is a way to do that in Chrome. [CTRL] + will enlarge everything, and [CTRL] - will shrink everything, but you can also go into Chrome’s settings and change the font size from its default (medium) to large or very large. Follow these steps:

  1. Click the three vertical dots on the upper right corner of the Chrome browser.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. In the search box (titled “search settings” near the top of the page) type “font” and press [ENTER].
  4. You will see an item labeled “Font size.” Change the drop-down menu from “Medium (Recommended)” to “Large” or “Very large.”

Hopefully, that will solve your problem. There is also probably a way to adjust the font size in Firefox, but I don’t use it as often as I use Chrome.

If you have an older slower computer, and Chrome slows it down, consider a browser called “Chromium.” It’s a lighter open-source version of Chrome designed for older computers. You can find it at

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Yes, I’ve already discovered that method to change the font size, but it is pretty awkward. Another thing I don’t like about Chrome is it keeps asking me questions like “do you want to allow notifications?” If I wanted notifications I’d set that up in my Car Talk account set-up page, I don’t want Chrome annoying me with its bizarre non-stop questions. IE never asked me questions. Nothing I’m complaining about is a show stopper, I can work around these problems, but I’d prefer to go back to using IE. And IE worked fine until just the other day. I was actually using the CT forum when it stopped working, so something must have changed at that exact time.

With that in mind, there is always Firefox.

…or Netscape Navigator.

The web lackeys are most likely about as interested as making their forum compatible with IE as they are Netscape Navigator.

…and don’t write off Chromium until you’ve tried it. It doesn’t have the same functions as Chrome.

Did you trying emptying the cache ?

Do you mean IE’s cache?

There is another computer that I had been using that still had IE. Very often I couldn’t use all the functions of the site. Sometimes I couldn’t see any of the discussions. It was always intermittent. It’s since been upgraded and I don’t have any problems.

Thanks for the feedback @cdaquila . It appears the problem that started a few days ago is on my end. I’ll work it from here.

Maybe MS Edge will work for you. I have it and don’t use it. Otherwise, I might be able to tell you whether it would work or not.

Funny thing…we have several tech info systems at work, one of them is Alldata. One day I noticed that I could not access Alldata at my work station. It just loaded up as a blank page. Tried office computers 1,2, and 3. Same thing. Tried the other 3 laptops in the shop, all blank. Asked the owner if the bill was paid (you never know, right?) and it was, so a phone call to their tech support was made. Seems that all the company computers are running Edge. Open Alldata in an IE window and everything works fine.

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Well, that fits what I’ve always thought of Microsoft’s browsers, including IE and Edge, that the only thing they’re good for is downloading Chrome and Firefox. I use Chromium on my Linux machines though.