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… does any-one has experience with this product line from covercraft?

Not sure which brand I have, but yes I use dash covers. Seems to help protect the dash. My car is 13YO, lives outside in Florida, no cracks in the OEM dash.
Downside, can be a little tricky tucking it in to ensure defroster vents are not blocked.

First, johnat…, please tell us what make and model, and model-year car you’re driving.

Personally, I don’t use one. We have under-building parking where I live in my sunny place. I park outside in my other place or in the garage, but the sun shines just about never.

Yes, the people who posted reviews on that web site . You throw out the ones that are to pleased and the ones who are too negative and make your decision from there. That said Cover Craft should be a trusted brand.

not sure what brand mine is, but I ALWAYS add a black dashmat to my vehicles. Not only for dash protection, but the glare reduction is worth the purchase price alone.

I’m driving a Grand Marquis;

Nice! We had/have a guy on this forum who swears by the Crown Vic/Grand Marq vehicles. The police did, too. I believe it was @Caddyman. Is it in nice shape? A daily driver?