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Luxcare finish protection

Was offered this product as a dealer add-on during the Finance Department’s portion of my recent new car purchase ("$499, regularly $699"). Thoughts?

It’s car wax, massively overpriced, unneeded for the time being, and is a profit generator rather than as an aid to saving the paint. Even at 99 it’s way overpriced.

A waste of money, as @ok4450 said. You can be sure that 99% (or more) of EVERYTHING you are offered in the Finance Department is a complete waste of your money.

As Nancy Reagan said, “Just say no”–to this massively over-priced coating of ordinary car wax that comes with a fancy name.

All that “finish protection” does is help money slide out of your wallet!

Your local car detailer would likely apply that fancy wax for about $100. You could apply it yourself for $20 for the bottle of wax (4-5 times!) and a little elbow grease. $10 worth of cool adult beverages optional.

This is essentially the same product as Auto Butler that some dealerships offer. It’s a complete scam. I worked at a very large dealership who used this product extensively, and it’s about $25 (in materials) to apply.

It’s marketing hype that’s trying to sell you a grossly over-priced wax job. Don’t throw your money away.

I’d rather pay a place to wax and vacuum the car when it is needed. May 10th in Maine.

Total absolute ripoff. How can dealers sleep at night?

Looks like we are all in complete agreement on this one.

How do they sleep at night? Without a care in the world while chilling in their Cancun vacation home…

Thanks everyone for posting your thoughts! Just bought a new car yesterday and was seriously considering buying this “care package”. Sometimes I dislike the internet but in this case I Love it!

Go get a $8.99 bottle of Nufinish and do it yourself , it;s just as good .

When I worked for Nissan the boss came out on a Friday afternoon and asked if anyone would like to stay an hour or so late and finish up details on new cars. Sure, why not even if the work is distasteful to me.

This involved something called “Tektor Paint Protection” and we got paid 1 hour to do a car, I did 3 cars in an hour so I was way ahead of the game.
It was nothing but a very watery thin wax. It wiped on easily, hazed instantly, and brushed right off. And this was supposed to protect the paint for at the time was 300 bucks…

Not on a new car. Nufinish is very agressive and is meant for old oxidized paint. It is a very good product for older vehicles but you need a much less abrasive wax for a new vehicle. I would recommend a synthetic wax or a cross linked polymer wax that the bottle recommends using a polish before using this. These are non abrasive and on a new finish, they do not need the polish, but the finish must be absolutely clean.

Two very good products are Mother’s Synthetic and Mequires Ultimate. They will last about a year on the horizontal surfaces and the front of the vehicle, three or more years on the sides and rear. On the off years, you only need to do the horizontals.

Carnuba waxes only last about two months on the horizontals and 6 months on the sides.

SO GLAD I FOUND THIS DISCUSSION!!! Buying a used 2019 Ford Edge from a dealership I LOATHE but they have the right price for a hard to find option I want. They offered me the LIFETIME LUXCARE FOR $1360!!! I was honestly thinking about it because I am getting $500 cash back as a 'coronavirus" incentive as business is super slow.

What a deal you got…or not.