Dash reflection in windshield

I have an '06 Ford 500 SE with a tan dashboard which reflects into the windshileld which makes looking through like looking through opaque glass.Some sun angles make looking throug almost impossible causing a safety problem.

Any suggestions on how to miimize the reflection?

Yes, stop using the Armour All on your dash! You can tone it down with some fine steel wool, scouring powder, etc.

Polarized sun glasses or clip ons/put darker covering on dash/squint/drive with the sun behind the car

I placed a piece of black velvet on the dash in this area.

I agree with Hellokit about the Armor All. If you did not put Armo All on the dash yourself it’s possible that the car lot did. They like to make things shine both inside and outside as an aid to selling the car.

Where did he say anthing about Armour All?

I bought a Dash Mat for my 93 Caprice to protect a replacement dash pad. One of the benefits was the elimination of any reflection onto the windshield.

Ed B.

He didn’t say anything about Armor All or even post back yet. Given the problem appears to be pretty severe Armor All is the main suspect until we’re informed otherwise.

Swabbing the interior down with shine 'em is a common practice with dealers and detail shops so why not assume as much?

Yes, Steve F said to put a piece of black cloth on your dash. I agree with him. My 92 honda accord & my 2000 honda accord had a bad reflection on the windshield, so when it ws sunny I placed apiece of smooth black cloth on the dash & it really solved my problem. PS. And I never did use armor-all on the dash. Try the cloth, it should work. Let us know sometime if it worked for you.

This is why dashboards are supposed to be black.

“Opaque” means you cannot see through it at all, as in a brick wall.

Having said that, I agree that anything that makes your dashboard shiny will make it difficult to see through the windshield. Additionally, if the windshield is dirty it’ll have the same effect.

Clean them both.

I believe dashboard glare is something that is figured in when the car is designed and the engineers use care to prevent this from happening.
The last thing they want is a rash of lawsuits due to glare caused accidents.

Dash Mat (custom order to fit your car) in a dark color best black
sunglasses, must be polarized. you can get polarized clip ons.

It took me all of…perhaps 5 seconds…to Google the words, “dashboard cover”. Take a look at:


There are a number of sites selling similar products, all of which are the probable solution for a vehicle with a badly designed dashboard.

Google is your friend!

The problem is the light color of the dashboard. Get a dashboard cover that is a darker color.