Dash Pad Protection

Inherited a 93 Caprice in 2002, it had been parked for 3 years and the dash pad was badly cracked and faded. It took a few years, but I found another dash pad in good shape to replace the original… I use a dash mat and Armorall (1 or 2 times a year) to protect the new pad.

I’ve read some negative comments concerning Armorall from posters whose opinions I hold in high regard. I’ve come across another product, Aerospace 303 Protectorant, in a marine store. I was wondering if anybody has any experience with it? I’m open to any suggestions.


Ed B.

I’ve never liked using Armor All on the dashboard. It seems to outgas, especially in hot weather, so that I have to clean the inside of the front window far more often. It also adds glare when the sun is at the right angle. Other protectants may or may not have these issues, but I haven’t bothered trying them, as I really haven’t had any issues with fading or cracking in the first place.

Hi Ed. I’ve never used Aerospace 303 but I don’t expect it to be significantly different than the other equivalent products on the market. Like auto waxes and polishes, they all use proprietary formulas so that the educated consumer is unable to make any chemical comparison.

I have always been well-satisfied with Armorall and the corresponding Turtle Wax protectant. They work for me. Meguiar’s also puts out a similar protectant. Whatever complaints some folks have against these products, don’t expect anything to be different with Aerospace 303. Just guessing though.

The best way to protect your dash padding is with a cardboard sun shield that you just place over the dash when parked. Also, try to park inside. Older cars did not have any platicizers in the plastic, hence the cracking in bright sunlight.

I avoid Armorall for the reason stated by others; it’s also too shiny and causes glare when driving in bright sunlight.

You can buy fitted dasjboard covers that’ll protect them from drying out. JC Whitney is one source, but a quick search will find others.