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Vehicle sun protection


Does using a windshield sun shade visor during the summer provide any benefit, such as protecting the interior of a vehicle from any sun damage, or other type(s) of damage?


It’s not really necessary unless you live in a place that gets really intense sun like Arizona. There the sun and dryness combine and can crack dashboards over a long period of time. I don’t use them in any of my vehicles.

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yes it can, especially when to sun hits hard on the windshield. It can keep inside temperature significantly lower by reflecting the rays away. The added benefit can be a cooler steering wheel, even leather seats, and it help protect the dash from UV rays and prematurely drying out and cracking. For $5-10 it’s an cheap try.

I have a dashboard cover in my car from this company…

What Kurt said.
And, in addition to keeping the steering wheel and seats cooler, it can also prolong the useful life of many interior materials including leather.

I’ve also used other means of covering my steering wheel in the sun, such as throwing a hand towel or whatever I had in the car over it, and they make a big difference in the steering wheel too.

Don’t know where the OP is but like Kurt says for that amount of money why not try it and see for yourself? I use them and it does help.

These windshield sun shades prevent the sun from beating on the dashboard. Which prevents the dash from off-gassing chemicals that creates the almost impossible-to-remove haze inside the windshield.


Hi Volvo,

I’m in New Jersey where the summers tend to vary from mild to heat wave-levels. Of course we all know regardless of the outside temps the inside vehicle t mos are much higher.

I agree with @Tester. The additional heat from the sun will accelerate outgassing from the plastic dashboard. You might get some benefit from the sun shade on the seats, though that is more heat than damage. You need to park so that the Sun shines through the windshield and not the other windows to get the most benefit.