How to fix 1992 D21 Nissan Door Latch Spring

I’ve had this since 1994 and since about 1999 I haven’t been able to “lock” my drivers’ side door. Since I don’t keep any valuables inside this vehicle, that wasn’t a issue until the “Outer Door” (driver side) handle broke.

I installed a replacement and all was good until my starter went out and AAA came to tow the vehicle to my mechanic.

I totally forgot to tell them “NOT to lock the door” upon dropping it off at the shop.

So, the shop used a Slim Jim to get into to it and all seemed to be working fine until I locked it on accident getting out to fill it up. No biggie, I got in from the passenger side, but then found out that after locking it, then unlocking it, the door would not open at all.

Since my little brother and I replaced the clutch over the weekend we finagled the door cover off to get to the inside of the door to see what was going on.

Well, after manually getting the latch open, we looked around and found a spring in the bottom of the door. I’m pretty sure that this spring is the source of the problem, but I cannot see how to re-attach it to the inner and outer door handles.

Unfortuantly, I have not been able to find any info (i.e.- diagrams) of how to fix this.

I’d greatly appreciate any light anyone could shed on this matter.


-Bill Hughes