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Door on Volvo V70

I was helping a wheelchair-bound friend into the front seat of my '98 Volvo V70. He has very good upper body strength and in the struggle to get in from the chair, he had to grab the passenger door and lift while I swung his legs in. We got in and pulled away. Now the front door won’t open from the inside handle. I have to lower the window and open the door using the outside handle. My mechanic took off the door panel (inside) but saw nothing that seemed wrong. I just want to get the door to function properly again, avoiding a Volvo dealer’s high rates if possible. Nothing wiggles or looks strange, it just won’t open with the interior handle pull. I hope somebody might have an answer. Thanks. Candace

Either something in the latch assembly is sticking or the mechanic who removed the door panel overlooked the obvious (latch rod disconnected at the latch, etc.).
Repairing a door latch is not a difficult thing to figure out or do so I have no idea why your mechanic can’t figure it out.

I agree, this should be simple to diagnose/fix. Try another shop or the dealer.

Are you sure there is not something as simple as a child safety lock activated( usually somewhere around the latch mechanism)