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The driver side lock has jammed on my 2008 Mercury Milan Premier. Now I have to open my door by rolling down my window to get to the outside latch! Help!

You probably have either a broken rod clip or a broken interior door handle. This should be a fairly cheap, easy fix. If the lock were jammed, you wouldn’t be able to open the door from the outside, so the problem has to do with the interior door handle.

Thanks. Will this be easy enough to do myself, or will I need a mechanic?

If you have to ask…

Then again, if you think you can get the inside door panel off without scarring the surfaces, why not take a whack at it?

A little confusing but the answer is the same, get that door panel off and what ever is broken repaired before you lose all ability to open the door.

The confusing part is you say you cannot unlock the door from the inside but by using the outside handle the door opens. I think it is the latching/unlatching rod rather than the locking/unlocking rod that is causing the problem as if the door was locked why would the outside handle work?

I can open the driver door only from the outside. I cannot open the door from the inside, nor can I lock it from either the outside or the inside. I just figured out, however, if I push EXTREMELY hard on the lock, I can make the door open that way. Yes, the lock will open the door. Strange.

Im having similar problem with drivers door on my 1999 Honda CRV, I posted on that today - just wondering if you were able to get your door problem solved & if so, what it was, what the repair ended up being. Thanks, Stacey

I fixed a similar problem with my ES300 a few months ago, but I had a repair manual and a full set of tools, and have worked on cars for years. If you haven’t done anything like this before, have a mechanic or a dealer fix it.