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Driver side door stuck closed

The other day my driver side door latch got pushed closed, so I stuck my car key in and pry it open. Closed the door, locked the car with the remote, and went on my way. Didn’t realize I had to open the outside door handle while prying open the latch, now the door won’t open using inside or outside handle. Anyone have a solution to this before the dealership takes my money? Thanks.

To find out why the door doesn’t open requires removing the inner door panel.

But if the door doesn’t open, how do you remove the inner door panel?

You first remove the seat, and then you can remove the inner door panel.



Take off negative cable from battery for 15 mins. Re-connect the cable, climb inside and open door from inside.

Shout out to AutoZone!

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Thank you for posting your solution, used to be about nuts and bolts, now reboot computer, Live and Learn!