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Golf clubs fit in new convertible trunk?

NEW CAR OWNERS that GOLF - no guessing please, got enough of that from actual salesmen and even manufacturers too lazy to get off duff to find out

Looking for a NEW CONVERTIBLE (not used) starting today, perhaps can wait a year or so …
Trunk MUST easily swallow at least ONE GOLF BAG laterally (side-side, e.g. rear wheel-rear wheel) with TOP DOWN

Sounds like a simple question to answer? Just watch … or better make a few phone calls … even email manufacturers … Oh, Brother???

What worked the past:
1999 Chevy Cavalier Z24
Some of the Toyota Camry Solaras

Are you going to suggest something that costs over $40,000? No, thanks! I really couldn’t appreciate not use all that. I remember when we used to buy houses for that much.

Good luck with that one unless with a luggage carrier on the trunk or a trailer. Its hard enough to get them in the trunk of a regular car which is why the SUV is popular. Maybe just join a club and leave them in the locker. I really think someone should come up with removable club heads so all you had to carry on vacation is one shaft and a bunch of different head attachments.

TAKE them with you when car shopping. .
no kidding.
No fit . . NO SALE !
When they see you’re that serious . .they will be too.

That is exactly what my dad and I do.
He has a 1957 Epiphone bass fiddle ( repaired bullet hole in its back )
No fit -no sale.
I have : bass guitar, a two-speaker amp, a small p.a., lights, stands and wires.
You got it . . .
Here at my ford dealer we’ve had numerous no fit - no sale customers and my sales people have even learned to even ASK up front to avoid the potential returns.
Water tanks, hay bales, six kids, . . golf clubs . . dogs, and . . grandma.
Each must work well or why buy ?

AND . .
It needs to work well for YOU . . not just physically fit in there but be such that you can make it work.
( - my dad is 87 and has to be able to actually get the bass in there himself time after time. he ended up with a 2007 Ford Focus 5-door )

The Mustang will carry 2 golf bags.

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Anyone that has golfed knows that the definition of a GOLF BAG is highly subjective. Mine is relatively conservative collection and a small bag. Sometimes with a hand cart attached. One friend can get his austere version in his Corvette. And I have friends that have the Rodney Dangerfield version of a golf bag that strains a Grand Marquis trunk…the advice to take them along is about as good as you’ll get.

There is a new convertible Buick. VW has one. You can take your golf bad with you when you shop for the car. If the car has a decent sized trunk the chances are your golf bag will fit.

In new cars there are conventional soft top convertibles and a few hard top convertibles. The trunk in the hard top’s is often compromised greatly when the top is down. In soft top versions top down driving leaves the trunk unchanged in terms of capacity.

Uncle Turbo says " You can take your golf bad with you " Apparently he has seen me play.

Yeah I have a large bag with every conceivable club but it didn’t help. They’ve been hanging up in the garage for a few years now to save me the embarrassment. If I had to go mobile, I’d have a 7, a putter, maybe a 9, a few balls and some tees. Maybe a wood if it was light. I’ve found most of the other clubs to be worthless to duffers.

I’d take the full bag and check. Not like there’s all that many convertibles anyway.

Test drive, then do the fit check. How can you get the test drive if the salesman knows the car failed the golf bag test?

Gotta get the test drive… This is supposed to be fun.

This one will swallow a golf bag.

We bring our clubs with us when we look at vehicles to buy. Bags don’t fit…no sale.

According to reviews the Buick Cascadia’s trunk is too narrow to fit a set of golf clubs side-side. From the reports on the Miata forum (that golf) the new MX-5 can handle at least one set of clubs (owners seem to have picked bags along the lines of what @TwinTurbo has)

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My Pontiac Bonneville Trunk Allows Me To Put My Clubs In, Side-To-Side, On A Pull Cart, But It’s A Tight Fit Through The Opening And It’s Very WIDE Compared With What I’m Seeing On Newer Cars.

Good luck. I think you are trying to find a vehicle that doesn’t exist.

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The OP placed so many restrictions on the help he wanted so why bother. Besides all he has to do is take the golf bag with the driver in it. Or he could use that magical thing called a tape measure.

The Problem I See Is That Trunk Openings Have Been Getting Narrower, Even If One Finds A Trunk That’s Wide Enough.

When I recently rented a new car I checked Consumer Reports first to see what the passenger and trunk space was like on different makes/models. Some of the reviews pointed out inconveniently narrow or small trunk openings. It seems to be the trend.

The narrower openings might have something to do with constantly more stringent crash standards. Just a guess.

wolyrobb: I don’t golf because I tried a few times and found that I sucked. My 1996 Miata trunk would hold 4 full size paper grocery bags with top down.

Get one of these and you can drive anything you want:

What in the world is that?

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