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Get your orders in for the "radically new" 2020 mid-engine, hardtop convertible Vette!

Mark Phelan, Detroit Free Press Auto Critic

Kennedy Space Center in Florida was the perfect place to introduce this newest generation of America’s greatest sports car.

This exotic machine is a real head turner and practical, too! The rear trunk can hold 2 sets of golf clubs!

Looks like a blast! It’s not all that expensive.

Heck, some guys park pick-up trucks that cost that much at our golf course. Any takers?

America, what a country!:us:

Absolutely. In three years, after they work out the problems that haven’t been fixed yet.

That is a GM requirement and has been for 30+ years. The Fiero had to meet that requirement, too.

Practical? Having been a Corvette owner, I’d have to say that is stretching the meaning of “practical” pretty far! :wink:

Corvettes kind of left me behind in 1984. Granted the 84 and up is more pleasant to drive than the older ones but it seems to me that something got left behind. Just my humble opinion.

watched a bit of a movie the other day, called the host? the bad guys all drove silver colored vette looking cars. might watch a bit more this week