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Golf clubs fit in new convertible trunk?

I want a new 4-door convertible and can wait until the 2010 models. Golf clubs must fit in trunk! I think one has to be a genius to find this, even with Google!

No 4 door convertibles that I know of.

Unless you are interested in a Lincoln from the '60s, I don’t think that what you want exists outside of the custom market.

Easy, Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.

Here you go:

Unfortunately, the S-Class convertible is not sold in the US–at least not yet.

I thought that was a one-off show car.

Well, whatever its origin, it is not available in the US. As I said in my earlier post, the choice would seem to come down to a '60s-era Lincoln or something custom-made.

Just be very leery of anything that was converted from a coupe or sedan to a convertible, as the chassis, the cowl area, and the area behind the rear seat would all require major amounts of bracing in order to compensate for the removal of the steel roof. Otherwise, the chassis would be subject to extreme torsional stresses, leading to very poor handling–among other problems.

Many years ago, our school had an auto shop teacher who owned a '59 Caddy coupe. After not seeing it for awhile, I noticed that the top had been cut off in order to make it into a convertible. I asked the shop teacher about what kind of bracing he used on the chassis, and he just gave me a blank look. I pointed out to him that the factory-made convertible version of the Caddy had a significantly heavier frame than the coupe version, and again he gave me a blank stare.

He turned out to be one of our “one-year wonders”, and was not rehired after that school term. His failure to properly reinforce the structure of his faux Caddy convertible was just one of his many shortcomings.

Yes, there are some real oddballs out there (cars and teachers!). I wonder if OP meant ‘4 seat’ instead of ‘4 door’…hello, OP?

And you can chase your balls into the rough and water hazards with the Wrangler!

That’s a tough one. Convertibles require a roof mechanism that fits in where the rear doors would be. The mechanism also reduces rear seat width so that you can only fit two people in the back seat. The Wrangler Unlimited suggested by andrew_j is not really a convertible car, but a convertible truck. It might suit you though.

As long as the OP doesn’t mind something that rides…like a truck…the Wrangler might do for him/her. However, the OP should be aware that the words “Jeep” and “reliable” are not normally used in the same sentence.


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Nor are “Wrangler” and “convertible”, at least not as most people mean…not like you push a button, is it?

I don’t know about 4-doors, but my 95 Mustang GT convertible easily holds a set, 2 if they’re not too bulky. As somone else explained, the top retracts behind the back seat, so you lose a lot of depth, but the width is the same as any car. You can carry just about anything that’s less than a couple of feet wide and no longer than the car is wide. Good luck finding a four-door, but a ragtop is definitely the way to go.

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then call AAA.

jeeps and rollbacks , ROLL as ONE.

According to a couple of web sites I found the S-class 4 door convertible is supposedly going into production. I didn’t notice anything about US/non-US, so maybe not going to be available “here.”

I saw some of those, but didn’t see any with official news, just some ideas and possibilities. Did you find anything official?

No, nothing on the MB web site. So maybe not. I guess the OP is out of luck . . .

Too bad…I’m sure he was ready to drop $120,000 (or more) for it!

One needs only to bring his golf clubs when he goes car hunting. Test drive the trunks with with your golf bag when the roof’s down.