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I feel the need for a convertible. The basic requirement is a top that goes down and a truck that can hold a couple of sets of golf clubs and two carts. Seems like a bridge too far in today’s world. Thought a 1993 Allante would be about right, but they are getting a little long in the tooth. Not opposed to used cars. Suggestions please.

BMW 3-Series convertible or MB SL500


The Allante is extremely unreliable. Any newer convertible would work a lot better. What’s your price range?

Doesn’t the Sebring have a sizable trunk? I’m pretty sure it does.

But I don’t know much about quality. I have a sister who owned one and had mostly trouble with it. But I have another sister who currently owns one and loves it.

To get a decent sized trunk you need a “soft top” convertible. The “hard top” versions take up a lot more trunk space. I have an '04 T’bird convertible, it can’t handle the Rodney Dangerfield (Caddyshack) sized mega bags, but I get my compact “walking” bag in it no problem.

Check out the Saab 900 convertibles trunk. Chrysler Sebring maybe possible, 325 Beemer. You just need to look around. Perhaps there is an old classic you’d enjoy. I had a '61 Mercury convertible that had a huge trunk.

Used/new Scion tC…very good hatch back room for gear and room for 4 while getting you the “feeling” of a convertible with a double sun roof. It may not be outside enough when the summer sun shines, but sure is cool (niece has one) to drive under the stars in the winter. A safe, sane, economical way to scratch that convertible itch all year round.

It’s about 13 cf - larger than the other affordable convertibles. Lexus IS250C comes in next at 10.8 cf.

Dag’s suggestion is an excellent one. I’ve owned a tC for 4-1/2 years now and I love it. The sliding glass roof is usable most of the year because it’s so variable in the amount you can open it, and the utility of the hatchback configuration is great. And it has a sport feel while still being comfortable for long drives. But be sure you bring the golf stuff with you and be sure it fits.

If you’re searching for a true convertable, the only thing I can think of that fits all your criteria is a Jeep. If you can live with its shortcomings.

Something like this perhaps:

It has a top that goes down, and a truck(I know you misspelled that, so I thought I’d run with it) that can hold a couple sets of golf clubs.

Not opposed to used cars? What about a 1970s Rolls Royce Corniche? You could fit an electric golf cart in the trunk, too. Here’s a honey, and affordable, too:


You’re old, it’s old, what a couple you’ll make! Sure, it will be expensive to repair, but they were built to run Forever. I wouldn’t use it as a daily driver, but think how you would look driving into the club parking lot with the top down…