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Mx-5 rf launch edition


  1. How many golf club bags fit in trunk? (My Chevy Z24 can fit two, even with top down.)
  2. Curb weight? … (or Pounds/horsepower @155hp)

Both are easily available with a simple Google search

  1. “Will my golf bag fit?” The 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata does indeed have room for your golf bag, as long as you don’t mind if it rides shotgun (per Car and Driver) So, No, two bags won’t fit in the trunk

  2. 2,332 to 2,381 lbs, 15 lbs/hp

If you are comparing a Z24 to an MX-5 in any way, you are not an MX-5 buyer.


The last time I needed a certain amount of space for something in a vehicle I wrote down the measurements of the space I needed and took a tape measure with me so I would know if it met the requirements .

Now WHY didn’t I think of that? Oh, b/c this question was posted for:
NEW CAR OWNERS that GOLF - no guessing please
for their personal shopping & ownership experiences
… that a tape can’t answer
… and a small town doesn’t offer as “in stock” cars that suit - to shop

WAS an Owner before the child raising era,
almost could get one bag in …
thanks for the research anyway, guess new design is no more roomy

You’ll have much better luck on these kinds of questions if you go to a forum for that car. Several Miata forums out there, for example.

Take your golf bag with you when you go car shopping. And used is as good as new for this research, but I guess that doesn’t work with a new body style.

I’m not a golfer, but I do wonder why companies that make “personal” or sports cars don’t seem to do more to cater to golfers. It seems like a big group of potential buyers are being ignored.

Have you seen the length of drivers (the club, that is) these days? Hard to fit in a small sports car’s trunk.

Of course - take with - except
small town, slim pickings! = 120 mile drives to larger cities, then drive around all weekend with clubs trying to fit vs. poking a stick in my eye for fun

True that, leaving out potential markets like golf, et al.
and no golf magazines making $$$$$$$ telling the story every new car season.

Too many car forums to visit as well, (texases above)

Maybe golf forums on line = golfers might talk about their cars

It has more room for people, no more for luggage. I sat in a new one recently, better than an NA but a little more snug than an NC MX-5. Overall the car shrunk back to closer to the NA model in size and weight.

A Corvette buyer golfs… and the car will fit 2 bags by GM mandate.

A majority MX-5 buyer either does show-and-shine rallies and cruise-ins or they are at the track or autocross. I don’t see them at the golf clubs I pass by. Just my observations.

So put that in the post if that is your actual question. Don’t get snarky if we answer your question but not the in the way you wanted. We aren’t mind readers.

Well, you’ve guaranteed you’ll get few answers. There are at most 100 folks who post here regularly, few of whom have tried to fit golf clubs into todays sports cars trunks. Go to a Miata forum, and many of the folks have either tried it or know of a post from someone who did.

Sunfish actually posted a thread in Nov. 2008 wanting to know what convertibles trunk would hold 2 golf bags. Apparently the OP is not in a hurry.

Should get a Golf R, fun car, would have more room and it is a “Golfer’s” car :slight_smile:

Stop by the Mazda dealer. Bring your clubs. Why guess? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: