George San jose

Morgan Freeman did a tv series a few years back . . . and one of the things discussed was death, and he interviewed a few people who actually died and came back, like you

They described it the way you do

You just reminded me of something from probably 35 years ago or so

One of my father’s colleagues had some kind of medical emergency . . . not life-threatening, but he definitely needed to go to the hospital in an ambulance

Anyways, the Army ambulance showed up, because they worked for the department of defense. After a few minutes riding in that thing, he said the ride is killing him.

He actually arranged to pay out of pocket for a local private ambulance to transport him, and that made all the difference

I think the army ambulance was on a 1-ton GMC truck or van frame

During the 1918 Flu Pandemic, the last time that my father saw his mother was when she was loaded into an Army ambulance pulled by mules. Within hours of her arrival at the hospital, his mother died.

One guy that isn’t here anymore . . . but it’s because he apparently didn’t like the tone of some of the conversations . . . @wesw

During his last few visits, he’d actually mentioned another website . . . batauto or something like that

I think he was trying planB which like I said was a more radical off-shoot from Chathouse, which was a reaction to the severe change in Car Talk some many years ago. I think it was when Rant and Rave, etc. went bye bye.

I just checked . . . is still around

Bat auto exists, looks similar to this board with some more specific sections .

Yeah, I’ve spent some timing reading the comments

It’s definitely more technical . . . more mechanics and hardcore diy guys

There also seem to be less questions like “What car should I buy next” or Is leasing a good idea"

what I like about the website is that it’s decidedly NOT family-friendly :smiling_imp: Guys are free to use whatever it takes to make their point, and it seems they don’t get scolded for it :face_with_head_bandage:

Yabut can they talk about polishing their cars to a wet look and computers once in a while?

Holy cow, even lawn mowers, chain saws, plumbing . . .

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@ok4450 Condolences on your losses, sir.

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I’m not dead.

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I guess I missed all this talk about death and ambulances in my frustration. Yeah this has been a bad year. Lost a BIL a year ago, then a cousin, then the father of my step sister that I never met, then another cousin, and then her husband a few months later. Dropping like flies. The bell tolls.

I had a ride in an Army ambulance in Ft. Jackson. It was a gray Pontiac conversion. Gave me the willies. Probably a hand me down from the Navy. I got an eye infection but if you had a fever you went straight to the hospital for a stay. I hid aspirin so I was back in a couple days. The last thing you wanted was to get recycled and start over again.

Funny thing, relatives and friends have been telling me for many years I’m like a cat with 9 lives and keep dodging the bullets so to speak. Multiple car and motorcycle wrecks that I should never have walked away from along with the somewhat recent cardiac events and so on.

The only time in my life I was ever scared of dying was when I unknowingly got caught in a tornado about 8 at night. Truck was going backwards down the highway, turned 90 degrees in the road, lifted into the air, sat back down, and then half the windows blew in violently and knocked me into the steering wheel. Suction took everything in the truck but me (thanks seat belt…) out of the now gone rear window and right side glass. Even sucked all of the change out of the ash tray…

It wasn’t dying that scared me. I had accepted that already. It was the not knowing WHY I was about to buy the farm that bugged me. Survived it and found out much later I was in the dead center of a 200 yards wide twister. Went back there a week later and saw the swathe it cut through there taking down some houses, school gym, electrical substation, and so on. Just a freak event of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The tornado had been on the ground for 20 miles and stayed on the ground for another 10 after it caught me. Other than minor cuts from exploding glass and a torn up truck no real major harm done on my end. Very unusual for OK to have a tornado in October of all times and of course a 50 mile drive home with half the windows gone and cold rain pouring in…

Always wear your seat belts, kids. You never know what’s out there.

Wow, that is quite a tale! We all need to rub your avatar for good luck. That is clearly a one-in-a-million experience.

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When its my time to go, I want to die from being shot while being chased by a jealous husband.

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Like that old joke, I want to die in my sleep like my grandfather, not screaming hysterically like his passengers.


I can’t verify if this is accurate, but–years ago–it was claimed that, in Italy, a husband who shot his wife’s paramour would be acquitted on the basis of justifiable homicide.

I am not worried about the time I want to know the where so I make sure to never go there.


Another MIA Triedag.

IIRC, Triedaq posted as recently as a couple of weeks ago, so I am hoping that he merely has some sort of temporary problem.

I will have to be hospitalized for surgery shortly, and that will probably cause me to be AWOL from this forum for… awhile… but I hope that nobody tries to shovel the dirt on my grave if I am missing from the forum for a few days.


I had an uncle who, in the 1920’s in New York City was acquited of murdering a friend of his who he caught in bed with his wife. He was represented by a high profile defense attorney who got him off with a “crime of passion” defense.

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