I hope that ok4450 is okay

It’s now been one month since his last post.


He does have some health issues. Hopefully he will check in.

Yes, IIRC he has a number of health issues. Let’s hope that he is well enough to return and to continue to give his valuable opinions.


Thanks for this post. Unfortunately it appears he has passed away. (I knew his name from some technical problems we corresponded about a number of years ago.) I found his obituary, but we have always been a group that tries to preserve privacy, so I’m hesitant to put it out there even (or especially) in death.

He shared a lot of knowledge here and he was committed to accuracy and doing any job right. I could also tell he was incredibly proud of his kids and missed his wife deeply after she passed. I hope he’s tearing up the great beyond on his motorcycle.


I think Mr. 4450 had a life well lived and one of the Goodguys .


I am sorry to hear this news. He will be missed here.

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On a now defunct woodworking board, a valued member died but his daughter came on and shared the information. Since most just knew his stage name, it was quite a tribute hearing all that he had accomplished.

We knew a lot about ok though anyway but no one else had the deep cycle information he had.

I will definitely miss his expertise and his wide-ranging, accurate diagnoses, and I agree with @cdaquila that he hadn’t been the same since the passing of his wife.

Over the past few years, we have experienced the passing of a few forum members, and it is a truly sad thing.


@cdaquila Thanks for sharing the info as common sense should prevail over privacy concerns. He was a great contributor and will be missed.
In this new era of online friendships and forums, I guess this is something else we have to learn to live with.

I’m saddened by the news of his passing.


Very sad to hear, but thanks to @cdaquila for passing the news.

A very knowledgable contributor to the forum


I know between the forum changes over the last few years some haven’t returned due either to technical issues, newer forum names, or perhaps even death, as with OK4450.
Joeseph_Mehan, Craig58, and Mountainbike are a couple I remember that I don’t recall seeing in the last few years. Maybe they have new names, who knows.

Mountainbike and joseph meehan did die

re @ok4450 missing him already!


I don’t remember what year it was but a while ago I think during a major software change. A couple of the folks split off car talk and created Chat house, and maybe one just before that. Name escapes me. It was a pretty fun group to start but eventually through death (I think she had cancer) ended up with just one guy in St. Louis running the whole thing. I hadn’t participated for many years. At any rate a couple years ago, the guy was killed in a car accident. No one had any access and it just shut down as the computer fees wound down.

Same thing happened with a good wood working board. Guy died, kids ruined it. Two members resurrected it, argued and split up, then when the computer blew up it was gone over night without even a good bye to old friends.

Its nice to at least know what happened to folks you have come to know.

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I thought he left after a disagreement. He did speak of having health problems, but I never did hear one way or the other. Joseph Meehan did pass, because I remember seeing someone post his obituary.

Mountainbike had a heart condition worse than mine. There was a disagreement, but it was minor.

Are you thinking of Common_Sense_Answer, maybe?

I agree. I had communicated privately with him a few years before his departure from the forum, and I know that he had serious Cardiac problems. I don’t think that he would have allowed a relatively minor tiff to have driven him away from the forum, and instead I believe that he passed away.

It is really sad to hear of OK4450’s passing. I’ve learned so much from him over the years.

As for Mountainbike, he definitely left this forum over an argument where his knowledge of cars was called into question. It was not minor. I remember reading his last post, (which was removed shortly thereafter), stating he’s had it and is done with this site. He may have had health concerns, but that was definitely not why he left.