George San jose

I haven’t seen a post from @george_san_jose in quite awhile. If anyone knows him offline, it might be a good idea to check on him.


Also Scrapyard John.

Yes! Good call.

I believe the last post’s from either one was rght before the virus.

The San Jose public library has been closed since March, that is where they keep the “gadgets” that allow people to connect to the internet.

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George has not posted since March . I really hope the Virus did not get him because I would not wish that on anyone ( unless you are a Serial killer ).
So here is my theory why he has not posted .

  1. He bought a brand new car with every option it could have and he is afraid he might slip and tell about it.
  2. He ran out of stories to tell about every Topic posted.

I hope it’s number 1 :smile_cat:

Mountainbike and MGMcAnick have not been around for quite a while also.

Almost (or did rather) happen to me 2 years from a week ago. Blanked out and that was it. Woke up 2 or 3 days later in the ICU and wondered WTH I was doing in there. Nurse saw me awake and asked me how I was feeling and if I was hungry. Yep, starving actually but I have a question. Why am I here?
She said I was done for in the ER. Brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, all shut down. Apparently they were ready to call it until they tried a vest shock treatment. At some point after a lot of shocks and getting bounced a foot off the table each time one of the docs said I got something; get him to surgery where I ended up with a Pacemaker. So far so good.

The cardiologist calls me his “Miracle Baby” and “Medical Miracle”. My wife asked me what it was like to die and I said piece of cake. Just as calm and serene as could be before blanking completely out. I actually kind of enjoyed it. Total 100% relaxation.
See a white light? Nope. Just light gray, dark gray, and black although I have no idea if that happened in milliseconds or minutes.
They said the frontal lobe of the brain decided to quit talking to the heart so I guess that can resemble a spousal relationship also… :smile:

Last thing I remember the ambulance paramedic saying before blanking out was “Well if his heart doesn’t kill him this road will…”.


Seems to me others are MIA too but couldn’t say who but when you see some of the older posts, they are not here anymore. I guess like they say though make new friends but keep the old ones. Hope the police haven’t scared them off.

Ah, thanks Nevada, didn’t think of that.

I think I heard that Mr mountainbike passed on.

I miss the missing regulars from past years. Time and mileage catch up with us all eventually. And sometimes a member decides to drop out like Irlandes did. Others who haven’t been around in a long time include Yosemite, Transman, and a bunch of others.

@ok4450 I’m glad you survived to remain here. Your advice and perspective is appreciated.

Hopefully the forum keeps going and adds new regulars over time.

Thank you for your kind comment Marnet. Unfortunately, my wife passed about 7 months after I survived. Should have been the other way around; or at least I wish.

She used to say that I would never make 40 due to motorcycles, risk taking, and sometimes a dash of tequila but eventually she changed her opinion to “You will never die because you’re just too damned ornery to”. The last 3 or 4 years even the primary care doc was agreeing with her about my being a bit feisty.

Hate to hear about Mountainbike. Being an aircraft nut I enjoyed his comments about B-52s which he served with during his military career.


@ok4450; sorry for your wife’s passing. Glad you are okay, scary story. For us on the other end of a CPR, it is always difficult when to decide to call it, unless we already knew it is going to come.

The COVID has no mercy, unfortunately it has been politicized which complicates peoples’ reaction.

I am busy, but not the good type. The cars don’t get driven much, wife has gone from close to 1.8 K miles per month to just 300 miles a month. Also, the daughter has pretty much parked her car for good, so I drive it once a month for warm up.

I was over on the other site that was created years ago after one of the software changes here. Changed names and management several times but the end was really sad. It was down to one person pretty much running the show and then he got killed in a car accident in either Illinois or Mo. I believe he lived in St. Louis. At any rate the site was just there waiting to go black when the server renewal wasn’t paid. No one knew or was able to take over. Ah now I remember, Chathouse and then PlanB I think spurned off of that. One prime mover ended up with the big C and other disasters for some of the others. It was pretty hard to have open discussions though. I remember Bicycle Bill would zero right in on anyone not agreeing with him and others would pile on. So gotta be careful to be respectful and open.

Aha! The B-52. It goes something like this. A B-52 has the power of six locomotives, 26,000 miles of wire and enough metal to make 8,000 trash cans.

What does it fly like?

Six locomotives pulling 8,000 trash cans tied to it with 26,000 miles of wire.


I’ve left instructions and a list of passwords for family and friends to please post notifications to the few forums and social media accounts I frequent when I eventually pass on or otherwise can no longer participate as well as a list of friends to notify. Whether or not that actually gets done I’ll not be around to know.

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Ive left a long list of “final instructions” for my family, the last line reads " if you do not follow these instructions, I will know, and I will haunt you. "


Well, he did have a lot of significant health issues for several years.
I don’t think that we “know” of his passing, but–unfortunately–I think it is likely.
The only forum member whose passing I was able to confirm was Joseph Meehan, who died a couple of years ago.

There’s no way out for anyone although sometimes the inevitable gets delayed. Three months ago my first cousin, 3 weeks ago my mother in law, and a week ago yesterday services for the oldest of my 3 sisters.
I don’t think the engine in the hearse even gets a chance to cool off.