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Whatever happened to-

Wheres Rick? Did He finally move away from there?

He was on recently. I imagine he’ll be back.

And Transman?

I miss transman. I hope he’s well.

He’s probably busy at the shop actually fixing things, instead of goofing off on the 'net like some of us. :-}

And I admit to having been here long before I retired. Life is good.

And haven’t heard from Caddyman in a while. Hope everything is well on that end.

Thanks,some Folks get bored and sometimes serious things and civil things take us away(I bet nobody missed me when I was gone)-Kevin

I don’t think craig58 has been on since they switched from the old board to this one

I missed you Kevin. Of course, I might not have known you were gone. I went completely AWOL for about 18mos. Some of us come and go at various times for various reasons.

I haven’t seen @mcparadise in a long while.

That’s right–mcparadise has been AWOL for quite some time, and he was a very good contributor.
I also miss “oldschool”, and I think I know why he left.

I am being more careful about staying logged into this board and then stepping away from the computer if Mrs. Triedaq is around.
I miss “oldschool”, “transman”, “mcparadise” and “Wheres Rick”. Kevin, it’s great to have you back.

Rick is probably busy trying to keep the meth heads and drunk drivers off of his property

He said as much in some of his postings . . .

Gee,thanks Guys,made me feel better,Cigroller that corresponded pretty much to my time away("no man is an island… and all that) reminds me of a time when one of my favorite contributors,passed away on a talk show I used to listen to,the Guy was really on top of His game.
Even people that contribute to a forum like this can develope friendships and I have to admit this is one of the best forums I’ve had a pleasure to participate in,knowledgeable and tactful people(keeps us coming back)
Anyway I was kinda scared the zombies finally got Ol’ Rick,but that being said I got the impression He was able to take care of himself-Kevin

I hope the folks here can be respectful of each other and not get upset when there are disagreements. We may have different experiences and developed different world views, but in the end I think most of us are after about the same results. Happy traveling.

I’ll be respectful as long as everyone knows that I am always right |8-/

A long long time ago hellokit was a regular - always sharp about things, OBDII in particular. You always hope people just got bored and went on their way or something.

Excellent points all. It’s a tribute to all of those mentioned that they’re remembered. It means they reached out and helped people. It doesn’t get any better than that. We’ve all richer for having known them. They’ve all left a permanent mark upon mankind.

Peace to all of them, wherever they are.

Also not seen for a while and not forgotten; Common Sense Answer and Dartman.

While I’m not for sure, it’s possible that oldschool left because of a somewhat volatile disagreement with me. I highly respected his opinions; although not on one particular topic and the reasoning behind it.

I seriously doubt if that’s the case. We all disagree at times, occasionally with vigor. And any two thinking people will come across something that they will never, ever agree on. If there were only two people left on the earth they’d disagree vehemently about SOMETHING. I’ll bet even Adam and Eve disagreed occasionally. Probably about placement of their fig leaves. {;-O