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Hey guys! it s wesw

hello friends, just wanted to let you know I m alive.

maybe I should have said acquaintances ?

geez, I thought someone would say hello…

Glad to see you, wesw!

I always worry when someone stops posting for a while; glad to see you’re back. I’d say we’re all friends–or “friendly”–here, even though we squabble like siblings at times.

Hi Wesw, glad you’re doing OK!

Hi wesw. I thought you fell off of the earth…

How’s your car? (I need to keep cars in the conversation)

thanks guys. i decided it was time to stop my pain meds, too many side effects. then, i got really sick when my immunity was down during the withdrawal process. much happier now, and think i m recovering. i put my computer away for awhile. this is the first time i opened it since the last time i was here

We have had a few posters that did not buy a inline 6 Jeep :slight_smile:

Welcome back;

my jeep is about to fall into little pcs! hope to be able to address it soon…

might have to break out the 75 ford again, but my better half can t drive it. too many little quirks that only i can love…

…the truck , not the better half

hello jeep…

that s how you address a jeep.

thanks gallant!

hey Wesw, hope you are well

much better. thanks! still some issues. if there is a doctor here who is familiar with the body chemistry of opiate withdrawal send me a message please.

Hi @wesw, welcome back

thanks mustang

Welcome back. Been a little busy lately if I didn’t see your post right away. With everyone using an alias, you never know what happens to people.

bing! thanks! happy to be back.

I haven’t seen MikeInNH for a while on this board. I hope he is o.k.

me too. I ve missed the “grand old men” on this board. that s how I think of many of you guys, and the gal, marnet. wisdom galore here…

Sincere best wishes for you wesw and hope things improve.