Gas prices... currently, from all y'all?

2.65 to 2.70 in upstate NY . Gone up in the last couple of weeks with the Iran nonsense .

When I’d drive through there with the diesel, it was great stopping at the Missouri truck stops for the much cheaper fuel. I don’t remember what the price was now but substantially less than the surrounding states and enough to make you smile.

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2.11 here in northern OK yesterday. One place 2.05 last week.

Buffalo NY, $2.57 for regular, No Costco here. Top tier no more expensive but I usually buy mine at a local supermarket that is not top tier with $0.60 t0 $1.00 off for buying groceries. I get 25 gallons at a time so the savings are significant. Never noticed any gas related problems with any of my cars.

Y’all’s not here!

It’s around $2.30 here in north MS for regular (87), I think. Like some others mentioned, I don’t pay too much attention to gas prices. I have to get to work whether it’s $2 or $4/gallon, and if I already had a vacation planned, I’m still going even if it hits $5!

Agree with Asemaster on avoiding the price shopping. Sometimes I’ll go to a certain station across the street from a certain competing station in order to avoid the lines at whichever station happens to be 2 cents cheaper on that particular day. It amazes me that people will sit in line (usually idling the engine, no less) in order to save 30 cents on a tank of fuel! Or drive across town to save 40 cents…on gas…that you burned up driving across town and back… :thinking:

OK, OK, I’ve heard all the snippy remarks about California already. Regular was a screaming bargain at Costco yesterday at $3.19. In a brand name station it’s about $3.39.

I bought a house for $360,000 25 years ago, and today it’s worth $1,200,000. How’s your house doing?

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There are nine gas stations within two miles of where I live. Over the years I’ve mostly patronized four of them at different times depending on which has pumps kept in best condition, is kept clean, and seems safest. The past few years since the QT was built I’ve used it the most partly because with a police substation inside there is frequent police presence. And this particular QT has the cleanest convenience store of the local crop. The day standards slip there, I’ll check out the competition again.

I dunno how my house is doing. If I sell it, I have to buy another. Probably in a similar market. So there’s no profit there. Now you could sell your house and move here…but then you’d probably take a huge pay cut. I could probably make more money if I moved to your area…but I’d have to buy one of those overpriced houses. Ya can’t win, I tell ya. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not bad. Crunch the numbers… real estate here goes up in value by 6% to 8% per year. I bought a condo rationalizing that the annual increase would pay all owner expenses and compared with the money sitting a CD, owning and using it costs almost nothing. I can’t live in a CD for the winter months.

The problem is, unless you’re going to take your 1.2 million dollars and run with it (to an entirely different location), that 1.2 million won’t buy you too much highly desirable real estate where you are, right?
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Regular gas rices are dropping now.
Bradenton, FL COSTCO Top Tier unleaded gasoline:

regular _ $2.259 (2.26) / U.S. gallon

Lots of gas stations here and COSTCO always has the best price. Just up the street, gas goes for $2.54!

You know another thing I like about COSTCO gas besides quality and price and lots and lots of pumps and no waiting?

COSTCO has prominent seals on their pumps and in this area skimmers have been found at other stations. AND there’s a friendly employee roaming the entire pump area, monitoring and assisting customers.
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I have seen some comments previously from people who say that they avoid Costco gas stations because they encounter long lines, but when I go to my local Costco–in the middle of the day, on a weekday–the lines are essentially non-existent. Yes, if I went there on a Saturday the lines would be long, but that is an example of why I also avoid going to a bank on Saturday!

Or you can buy 2 houses at $360,000 and sell 1 for 1.2 million 25 years later, after renting it out.

$2.75 regular, $3.35 premium, $3.35 for diesel around me

Cheapest near me is $2.35. But if I wanted to I can spend $2.95

Still, when the 55 gallon a day water limit kicks in and you can’t take a shower, do dishes, or wash clothes in the same day without a $1000 a day fine, what good is a house? Then throw in no IC lawn mowers or yard equipment, or cars for that matter, and maybe $20,000 a year property taxes, and bacteria laced drinking supplies from fecal matter in the streets, and small crimes like stealing cars, property theft, and assaults not being prosecuted at all . . . Just saying 10% a year gain is pretty good but value is determined by what a willing buyer will pay and what a willing seller will agree to. So when people start to bail, timing is everything. I have been told, maybe incorrectly (remains to be seen), that the upper 1% are supporting the lower 99%, but when the walls and gates no longer provide the benefits expected, they will vote with their feet across state lines. Then as Hardy used to tell Laurel, “here’s another fine mess you got me into”.

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Must have gotten that from Fox News.

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Gasbuddy uses customer inputs. When I need gas, I usually get it on the way home from work. Gas is often cheaper about half way home. When I get to the station I chose from the Gasbuddy map, it is the same price as shown in the map. You should check when you want gas.

Prices vary throughout the week, lowest on Tuesday and highest on the weekends. I also doubt that you would drive all over town to find the lowest cost, especially when you can find out on line. If your neighbors don’t post prices, then there won’t be good data available for your area.

True, but for my wife and I who both work M-F 8-5:30 jobs that’s simply not possible. It’s all I can do to find time to grab a sandwich in the middle of the day. Driving to fill the gas tank just doesn’t fit into my work day.

@MikeInNH Must have gotten that from Fox News

Don’t think so but a 20 second search for your listening pleasure. 1% pays half which is 2/3 of the budget. So who is most mobile? The 1%. So what happens if they move? You certainly have a fixation on Fox though but they are not what they were five years ago. The folks go right from Fox to MSNBC or CNN. Of course then Georgie who was on the rapid response team back in Arkansas is truly unbiased and trustworthy. In case you haven’t been paying attention, there are major problems with all of the big guys.

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