Gasoline Prices

I’m sure gas prices are going up in your neighborhood. I got gas two days ago thinking that a big rise was coming. Boy was I right. Regular E10 is up 40 cents. What’s happening in your neck of the woods?

Same here, Costco Regular is about $3.70 and Premium is pushing $4.00.

The part that ticks me off is that there’s no shortage of gasoline; it’s speculators on the Spot Market and Record Profits by Oil Companies that are driving this surge.


Agree I can see no other reason for [t.

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I have no idea what the gas price is . I have to have it so no reason to make my self crazy . I have an economy vehicle that seldom gets less than 30 mpg . Just one of those things I can’t control .

Ah…having about 5 million barrels a day taken off the world market doesn’t affect things??


Like I said, when I left for parts unknown a month ago, I paid $3.14. When I came back it was up to $3.40, and in the last week jumped to $3.57 when I filled up last night. Otherwise the highest I paid was $4.04 in Illinois a couple weeks ago. Who knows how high it is now for the folks in Illinois.

Supposed climate issues aside, I can’t see any reason we should have a need to import any oil from Russia anyway. Someone mentioned 3% of our imports are from Russia. Can we not increase our own production 3%? Or better yet, increase it to a level where we don’t have to import any from countries that hate us and most of the rest of the world?

I mean if we want to do alternative energy and get off of oil eventually, that’s fine. But whatever oil we are using, it seems to make the most sense for as much of that oil as possible to be our own rather than imported from elsewhere.


$3.90 today in South Jersey.

Been there when Bush was president!
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$3.89 last week, not Chicago prices for sure. $3.44 WI.

$3.64 a gallon at Sam’s Club for premium, $3.74 a gallon for regular at most stations in SW Florida.

Lets see, restrict oil drilling rights in the US, cancel a pipeline to transport oil to US refineries, broadcast that message worldwide to OPEC so they maintain oil supplies just when demand goes up, and crank inflation up to about 15% (ignore that 7% reported, it is a cooked number), and an oil producer invades another oil producer.

Yup, no reason for that price increase AT ALL, nope, none. Blame the oil companies.


Average of $3.79 for 87 in my area. And the spread between 87-89-93 in my area is 30-35 cents, so about $4.09-$4.14 for 89 and $4.39-$4.49 for 93 octane.

I looked at the gasoline prices at 8 gas stations on the way home tonight: $4.28 to $4.60.
Yesterday it was reported that California gas prices reached $5.

$3.75-$4,00/gal for regular here, good thing none of us really drive enough to worry about it. Dad was only filling up every other month before they resumed taking road trips.

I’m a big fan of Suppliers being entitled to get as much for their product as they possibly can but there’s a big difference between “Anticipatory” (Speculative) pricing and actual “Market” pricing.

When Colonial Pipeline shut down, gas stations in that area had the option to continue to sell the remaining gasoline in their tanks at pre-shutdown prices or immediately raise their prices and recognize a windfall profit, a practice commonly refered to a “Price Gouging”.

In this case, though there’s no actual shortage of oil/gasoline supply, prices at the pump immediatly increased so who’s pocketing the windfall profits?

Again, I have no problem with suppliers wringing every cent out of consumers willing to pay their price but lets put the blame where it actually lies.


So the discussion redirects from nationwide price increases to a local event. A local event whose prices were dictated not by Big Oil but by privately owned retailers of fuel. The prices were set at the local level by local retailers. You can argue “Price Gouging” if you wish. An equal argument can be made that a short term increase in price reduces the effect of a potential shortfall by encouraging people not to “tank up” that can cause a shortage in fuel. Raise prices so there is fuel for everyone who needs it instead of those who get to the pump with big tanks and Jerry cans.

Immediately increased?? Where have you been the last 15 months? ($2.11 to $3.56) In the short term ($3.56 to $3.93) , the gas station retailers are profiting since they sell day-to-day and price it day-to-day. Again, not Big Oil because they are not the retailers.

In the longer term, the last 15 months, everything I posted, and a few I forgot…increased labor prices, restricted labor supply, inefficient ports, material shortages…and a few I am sure I don’t know, have been affecting the steady increase in the price at the pump.

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You need to check the Chevron on corner of East Marginal and Boeing Access Rd in Tukwila.
$4.99 cash $5.19 credit for regular.

Speaking of gas prices, I always go to the nearby Costco station because it can be counted-on to be the cheapest in the area. But, out of curiosity, I decided to use the Gas Buddy app this morning, to see what their current price per gallon is.

I hadn’t used Gas Buddy for quite a while, so I was surprised to see that they no longer list Costco gas stations. I guess the name-brand stations didn’t like the added competition from the low-price leader, and they pressured Gas Buddy to stop including Costco. More than likely, Sam’s Club gas stations and BJ’s gas stations have also been deleted from that app.


The price of gasoline dropped because people weren’t using it, then increased as people started commuting to work again. The immediate issue is the disruption of world oil supplies. Any disruption ripples throughout the world economy. Until late this last week, Saudi Arabia and the UAE were neutral with respect to the war in Ukraine. They issued statements of condemnation for the Russian invasion, and we can hope that their next step will be to increase production to replace Russian oil that might not be available soon.

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Saudi Arabia is supposedly :face_with_raised_eyebrow: an ally of The US.
If they don’t increase their production in order to improve the supply vs demand situation that is currently driving-up oil prices, then they will be proving that they are not really allies of The US and other Western nations.