Gas prices... currently, from all y'all?

I bought gas yesterday because I needed some and we went to COSTCO for snacks, ummm… I mean shopping.

It got me thinking, with all the craziness going on in parts of the world, there’s been some price volatility, lately.
I’m curious to know what the nation’s retail prices look like.

I’ll kick it off…

Bradenton, FL COSTCO Top Tier unleaded gasoline:

regular _ $2.309 (2.31) / U.S. gallon
premium $2.659 (2.66) / U.S. gallon

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Over here on the Space Coast prices can vary by 30 cents in a five mile radius. No Costco, Sam’s not top tier so I get my gas from convenience stores. I think it was $2.39 yesterday.

Costco @ ZIP 20165 (Northern VA): $2.35 regular, few cents up from recent prices

I have no idea what the fuel price is. I can’t control it and I have to have it. We have one vehicle that never get less than 30 MPG and one that gets 20 MPG + .


In Wash. DC and near suburbs regular is $2.40-2.70.
There are a couple stations a bit above the average.

Haven’t by there lately, but I’m sure they’re well over $4.

it is another station like this in the area, on Dolly Madison parkway, across CIA in Langley, the very last station before you get to DC - price is always roughly double there, year after year

My local Costco is currently charging…

I don’t know about other parts of the country, but prices here in N. Michigan, they are never the same price for more than 2 days. It’s not uncommon to see them change 2 and even 3 times in a day.

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Chart showing state gas tax rates. The tax differences seem to be the primary factor in price at the pump differences. Of course, there are usually some variations at gas stations in any given local area. I often see as much as a ten to twenty cent difference per gallon at local QT (Quick Trip) pumps only a few miles apart.

Give the gasbuddy gas price map a glance:

I did. It doesn’t seem to indicate that I could have spent only $2.31 for regular in Bradenton on Florida’s Sun Coast. It appears to show a higher price range than reality.
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Doesn’t ‘gas buddy’ rely on customer imputes?

In Minnesota I think I paid $2.45 at Mobil for regular on Saturday. I suspect it went up about a dime or less in the last few weeks.

Here in NW Ga. yesterday at kroger where I buy most of my gas it was 2.33 for regular don’t know what it was for premium gas vary’s from 5 to 10 cents in my area.but like VOLVO-V70 say’s I can’t controll it & I have to have it no mattter what the price.

Corner of Kirby and Dolly Madison. know the place well.

Cherry Hill, NJ (suburb of Philadelphia), $2.50-$2.86. I have no idea which are top tier or not.

Yesterday, stations near me were $2.03 to $2.05 for regular; today they are $1.99 to $2.01 with premium thirty cents higher.

I have really stopped paying attention to gas prices since I sold my business (auto repair shop and major branded gas station with small c-store) 4 years ago, but because of your post I checked today here in Western Oregon:

Chevron station: 2.999 for Reg, 3.199 for Supreme
No-name convenience store across the street, 2.899 for Reg
Fred Meyer (Kroger grocery and department store) 2.789 for Reg

I only buy major branded gasoline, and even if I didn’t I would still stop at the Chevron because I can get in and out quickly. I can’t see waiting in line 3 cars deep for gas to save the price of a cup of coffee.

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The costco nearest to me is $3.29/gallon regular today

According to marnet’s map, I live in one of the states with the highest state taxes and fees on gasoline

For what it’s worth . . . the Costco near me is both top tier rated and also has the lowest prices

Missouri has the next to lowest gas tax rate; only Hawaii has a lower rate. Across the river a few minutes from me, Illinois has the third highest rate. Illinois locals who work in Missouri and/or live close to a bridge across the river tend to buy their gas here in Missouri.