Gas price update

Unleaded is 3.39 today. It was $4 1 month ago due to production issues. I see E85 is 2.39 which is nice. Not praising or cursing E85, just listing price. In mpls.

Its 3.19 a gallon in Indiana. I can sleep better now.

E85 at $2.39 is right where it should be, 30% less than regular.

The stations I usually go to the Baltimore/DC area are $3.33

4.05/Gallon here in Southern CA.

3.12 on the very east side of Kansas City; downtown and west is holding at 3.28-3.30.

It’s $3.88 at the Safeway in Fairbanks. AK.

$3.59 per gallon for premium in the Richmond/Central VA area.

Regular (87 octane) $3.83 in San Jose , CA

Regular $3.89 in Oakland today. Premium $4.09.

Regular $3.799 in the Seattle area.

Denver is Crazy…$3.63-$3.49 posted at two Shell stations about 2 miles apart…The $3.63 one gives a .10 cent discount with a supermarket card… Costco was $3.53…This is for 85 octane (high altitude regular)…

About a 3.19 average here and I don’t know if it means anything or not, but 2 Shell stations were just shut down around here.
One closed abruptly and was bulldozed a week or so later. The other, which has been around for decades, shut down right after the dozed one.

Hmm, I see a trend for high priced gas on the west coast. We can discuss E85 forever but at least it is $1 cheaper than unleaded in mn. Used to always be 50 cents less. And mn has 32 ethanol plants sucking up $6/bushel corn and 29 of the plants are in financial trouble. About 1/2 were shutdown and operating at reduced capacity and so on.

West Coast Gas, refined from Alaska crude, is always more expensive because of various backstage fees and surcharges associated with that oil…

If the ethanol producers want a decent market for their product, they need to build their own distribution and marketing network instead of relying on the existing petroleum network. The oil companies have their own product to sell and they are not interested in giving 10% (or 15% or 85%) of their market to the ethanol producers…

It’s going up 3.5 cents/gallon tomorrow in MD - guaranteed! New taxes go into effect.

And the taxman (state plus feds) STILL makes more on a gallon of gas than the company that pumped it out of the ground, refined it and delivered it AND the guy who sold it to you COMBINED! Efficiency is still its own reward.

Here in Washington State the combined taxes on gasoline are about 56 cents/gallon, about 3 times what the guy running the corner gas station makes on a gallon of gas.

It’s 23.5 cents in MD now and will be 27 cents in a few hours. That’s not too bad, and it hasn’t changed in a couple of decades. Since fleet mileage in MD has improved dramatically in that time, I think it’s overdue.

It goes up about 15 cents a gallon tomorrow in California. And most California gas comes from California crude. It’s refined to a different standard and since only California refineries do that, they get to rip us off. And paying taxes is not the most unfair thing; after all, someone has to pay for roads and such, and the people who drive more pay more. Seems fair.