How much is gas today?

I paid $2.079 per gallon today. I could have paid 2 cents less, but I prefer to use a credit card (at a different station). That’s half of what I paid over the summer, and it seems to still be falling. I paid $2.197 about 2 weeks ago. What’s your story?

I just filled up. $1.99.9/gallon. KwikTrip, 87 octane, Top Tier, E10.

But! Ya think it’s going to last forever?


Here in McAllen, it is as low as $1.83.9, but most stations are $186.9 or $1.87.9.

87 octane is still about $2.40 in the Carribean

In the Princeton, NJ area, it’s $2.15 if you prefer to pay cash, otherwise it ranges from $2.21 - $2.25. I have to say that at these prices, $0.10 is too much for credit; it should be closer to a $0.06 difference for cash and credit, but that’s my personal opinion. I try to pay cash anyway whenever I can.

Here in northeast Arkansas the price at most stations ranges from $1.91 ot $1.99. No one seems to be rushing out to buy a new Suburban though. It’s only a matter of time until the price will be up around $4.00 - $5.00 again.

I paid $1.95 for regular in Lakeville, MN tonight. That’s about the cheapest its been.

About a 1.80 something here in northern OK.

Regular gas is between $2.30 and $2.35 per gallon in my area. Most stations are selling E10.

This is nice but I don’t think it will last. Higher prices will return, and they will be with us for a long time. Get used to it.

I just paid $2.39 for 87 octane here in the Pennsylvania Poconos. Rocketman

Filled up Wednesday at $2.37.

What will drive the price up? Everyone’s economy is in trouble; fuel use is down. When fuel use increases, the price will go up again. Maybe one day there will be speculation again, but I don’t thnk it will be in the next couple of years. I heard one money guy say that things should not recover for 5 years or more.

The price is driven by supply, artiificial control of which is effected by the producers for the specific purpose of controlling price per barrel of crude.

I agree that the price will rise again. Heating seaon is upon us, and we now have an administration that will not support exploration offshore and in the Alaskan National Wildlife Reserve. Demand will rise and there is no incentive for producers to provide sufficient supply to keep thr price low. To do so would be counterproductive for them.

its 2.27 here in southeast texas
and i’m lovin it YO
fillup for like 30bucks
{JaSpEr RACE boy}

In Connecticut, I gassed up today at $2.39. Most places are in the $2.50 range.

In Hatfield, Pa (suburban Phila) it was $2.31 yesterday. It has been dropping about $.04 almost everyday. A Hess station up the road in Quakertown dropped the price to $1.99 yesterday. After the TV crew left they jacked it up to $2.15.

Just hit $1.999 near me (DFW), but diesel is about $3.00! Ouch!

$2.49 in DC area.
Kansas City, Mo ranges from $1.71 to around $1.87 or so.

cheapest in Marion Ohio is $1.75

$2.49? You must be in the ritzy area of town. I paid $2.079 in Laurel.