Gas prices... currently, from all y'all?

Thanks, but a brand new Costco just up the road (Manatee Ave.) opened in late august and we go there at least once per week. It’s in a beautiful location in an upscale area and has plenty of palm trees and ponds, etcetera. I fill up on gas there when I need it. I rest assured that there are no stations selling gas at a better price. We have a local “gas buddy” posted 24/7 on Suncoast news (Sarasota) that confirms that.
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A couple of years ago, a Costco gas station manager explained their pricing policy to me.
Each morning, he has to survey the prices at all of the competing stations in the same town, and whatever is the lowest price that he finds, he sets his prices one cent lower than the cheapest local competitor. Obviously, this places their price many cents lower than some of the competition, even if the Costco station’s gas is only one cent cheaper than their lowest competitor’s price.

Also, I have seen disparities in Costco gas prices as a result of the above-noted policy. About a month ago, I was passing by a new-ish Costco about 15 miles south of my usual Costco, so I decided to gas-up. However, when I saw their price, it gave me pause and I decided to go to my usual Costco, which I had to pass on my way home. Sure enough, the new-ish one had their price set 13 cents higher than my usual Costco. So, even though the new-ish station was probably the cheapest station in that zipcode, it was more expensive than another Costco about 15 miles away.

I’m not the one who has a fixation on Fox…You’re the one who keeps quoting their talking heads. You’ve been doing it for years. Maybe you should do some better research


Please, stop. Thanks.


“I bought gas yesterday because I needed some and we went to COSTCO for snacks, ummm… I mean shopping.”

That’s called “Dining at the AARP buffet.” :grinning:

I don’t know about anyone else but the snack bar at Costco is right after the check-out. You can’t help but take in those people stuffing themselves with hot dogs and pizza. I think it is really disgusting watching people eat. I think they should put up a sneeze sheet or something so I don’t have to look at them. I don’t like to eat at buffets either because of that. The worst though is standing in line at a KFC with people that can hardly fit in the booth licking their fingers and smacking their lips and then coming back to load their plates again. :nauseated_face:

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Unfortunately, all too many people nowadays are seeking quantity, rather than quality.
They would apparently prefer a mountain of food that is–at best–mediocre, instead of a smaller quantity of expertly-prepared, healthier and tastier food.

Is it any wonder that the incidence of Type 2 Diabetes is rapidly increasing?

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Happily my Costco and KFC dining have been just fine. People at work do the quickie food from gas stations, that I have never tried.

I’m especially fascinated by the people who buy Sushi at gas station convenience stores.
Eating raw fish… from a gas station? What could possibly go wrong?

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Sometimes that food is terrific. There is a taco shop near me that started out as a counter in a gas station. The food was so good, it was featured on TV. It was also so good that they now have a store front next door t the gas station and another outlet in downtown Baltimore.

Royal Farms is a convenience store chain with gas stations, and their fried chicken is out of this world. So good that Food and Wine Magazine is crazy about it, naming it the best fast food fried chicken anywhere.

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Never heard of salmonella? I still recall Dr. Bauer’s lecture on raw fish, fish tanks, and so on. Yuk. I remember asking a renowned epidemiologist once what he eats to be safe and he answered muffins. I’ve never had a weight problem. Guess I’m a little paranoid.

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Um, I believe @VDCdriver was being facetious. BTW, I love sushi and sashimi and I wouldn’t buy it from a gas station, and not from a buffet either. Of course, there are several restaurants within a 10 minute drive that serve them and every nearby grocery store sells them including the chain stores. I stick to the Asian markets (H-Mart and Lotti Plaza) when I want carry out sushi.

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Indeed I was, and I find it almost incredible that my sarcasm wasn’t obvious.
Shouldn’t the “wacky-face” emoji have been a dead giveaway?

You just ruined my breakfast. Aren’t there enough food shows already?

Play nice. I’ve gotta go clean the snow off the driveway and try to forget about eating raw fish.

Not all sushi is raw. I’ve tried to keep an open mind and I tried eating the raw sushi. I can stomach it, but I’m not a fan. Some of the non raw sushi I like pretty well.

Capital gains are not indexed for inflation, so how much will you have left after taxes, and how much will a replacement house cost?

I think the limit on a personal residence is somewhere around $500,000 and maybe double that for a couple with no gains tax. Plus you can roll the old place into a new place and have a new basis, so houses are a little different. But yeah regular capital gains is 15% unless you don’t make much money plus another 7% if you live in the red star state of Minnesota.

So, what we know is that the price of gas is really different in different parts of the country, but so is the cost of housing and the availability of jobs that pay enough to make living fairly well possible.

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But not for everyone apparently since California seems to have a major housing crisis .

One nice thing about living in NH…yes home prices are high…but when I retire (next year), we plan to move south and I can buy a home there with Cash from the equity in my home.