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Gas Prices Are Going Nuts! (In a good way!)

Gas here West Central Florida is running about $1.96/gallon (before my Shell Rewards 5 cent/gallon discount). Prices seem to continue to drop almost daily.

Some places must be a little higher and some a lot lower…

What gas price do you have in your locale (price/locale)?

was 230 before xmas. than the day of xmas it was 240. station near me is off hwy exit so they always screw you over on holidays. seems most of stations in town are 230 range. except for hwy 65 north of town. it is 199 up there. price war. yay right. of course costco is 199. funny how the costco and private station are 40 cents apart and 2 blocks from each other

$1.77 in north MS. I’m traveling and had to pay closer to $2/gallon ($1.97) in south MS. I’m not sure why the prices are higher further south. Below $2/gallon though, so I’m not complaining.

$1.84 for regular in Central Arkansas. It’s dropped around 50 cents or more in the past 6 weeks or so.

We’re paying 3.05 at Costco, 3.25 at no-name stations, 3.49 at the Big Name places, here in Northern California. We voted to put a new .50 tax per gallon on last Summer so the streets and roads would get fixed, and they are.

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I generally have no idea what gas prices are, since it doesn’t matter and there’s nothing I can do about it. But I took a trip last week to take the kids to see grandma. Here in Oregon it was $2.799 when I filled up before leaving, paid anywhere from 3.259 to 3.599 along the way to SoCal.

I only fill up at major brand gas stations. I don’t do the Costco or grocery store thing.

$2.07 here in n w ga.

I think the sign said $2.11 now in Minnesota. I’m down to just about a half tank but it’s too cold here to stop (5 degrees-75 degrees colder than Florida). I’ll stop in a couple days if it warms up. Our new governor though seems to think an additional 30 cents a gallon would be a good thing so we could be up there with California pretty quick. Then I’d need to drive to Iowa to fill up.

Your lucky! Its around $1.08 a litre in Canada.About $4.00/ U.S gallon

$2.35 southern New Jersey ( Philadelphia suburb)

And here I am paying 3.9 cents a gallon like a sap :wink: