Feeling Lucky? Try Outrunning Italy's New Cop Car! (Picture Gallery)

Link to pics:

This could be the answer for recruiting more police officers!

Sweet! Many years ago a friend was in Europe for school and said they came around a bend and saw a VW beetle police car with a radar gun, they laughed until they went a bit down the road and saw the Porsche chase car.

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Didn’t AZ State Patrol have a Diablo for awhile? I seem to remember reading they confiscated it off of a drug runner, stuck lights on it, and had fun with it for awhile.

LAPD did. I don’t remember hearing about one in AZ.


Does this replace the Gallardo the Italian police wrecked in 2009? I hope it wasn’t you that cut them off…

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That Lambo is still slower than a Motorola… :grinning: