Police vehicles

Yes, Robert Gift, Police have Expeditions, pickups, jeeps, vans, etc but do NOT drive 105.

---- The reason for this post ?-----

Today I saw a Beautiful Police truck, knew they don’t drive it 105, thought of the 105mph post and didn’t really want to bump that thread again.

New Mexico state POLICE, DOT division, has a Mack truck 18 wheeler semi with matching flatbed.

Every marker lamp on that thing is a strobe. AND tied together in sequential flashing patterns…You should see this thing !

Sounds awesome. A couple of weeks ago I saw a mid 90’s corvette, painted exactly as the rest of our Massachusetts State Police cars had someone pulled over on the highway.

I’m sure that won’t cut out at 105, but it’s still not safe to do on public roads.

I bet it’s a sight after dark. Do they have any movies of it on line? What do they do with it?

you should see the new caprices’ chevy is putting out for police use.
based on the G8, holes in the seat for your holster, flat passenger dash for the laptop, and minimalized convict cage for greater police comfort.

B4C (?) '91 cop camaros were cool too.

They mainly use the flat bed to haul impounded and confiscated heavy vehicles. Yet there was a recent tv spotlight as they cruised I40 near Albuquerque with radar and cameras citing every thing from speeders to tailgaters in conjuction with the ground team of cars and EXPEDITIONS. And not just commercial vehicles either. The DOT’s main focus may be heavy trucks but they have full jurisdiction.

It’s not unmarked but it sure is stealth. You come zipping past a “slow poke” semi only to see New Mexico State Police emblazoned upon the the door ! A half mile down the road an officer steps out of his expedition and waves you over.

The next gray semi you see in New Mexico might not be hauling anything but your butt to jail. :slight_smile:

New Mexico has a BALANCED State budget and in fact cut this years budget 9% to keep it balanced…The Mack show-truck must have been funded before the 9% cut…In New Mexico, EVERYONE works for the government, so recession is unknown…

With all the lights flashing on that thing, it must look like a Las Vegas casino.

It could have been a forfeiture.

This must be why it’s now a rolling radar/camera trap.
To justify itself on the expense sheet.

And a parade or two ( like today ) sure doesn’t hurt p.r.

The cop camaros were 1LE code cars.

Years ago the Missouri H/P had some Ford Fairmonts in the St. Louis area that were totally unmarked, you could not see any antennas or anything. When you got lite up, then you could see some grille lamps.

St. Louis city has a fleet of Tahoes that are unmarked that work I-44 and they are always pulling semis & others over. the only way to see if they are cop cars are by the fleet wheels but by then it’s to late.

Just to show you how slow people in our state drive…I often see a state police marked Honda Element parked in the turn around lane used to monitor traffic.
How practical is that ? It may never never see 105 mph but the dogs it carries are probably just as happy with that.

Now I’m disappointed! I was in Las Cruces a few weeks ago, and they weren’t! Seeing that semi fully lit would have more than made up for the snow storm. In October. Near El Paso.

The new Caprice c/c looks good. Ford recently stated they are dropping the Crown Vic and will build a new c/c that will beat the new Caprice, and be built in the states. Caprice will be from down under.

Back in the early 1980s I worked in the Geology Department at Virginia Tech, a state university. As such, when we were out with our trucks doing field research we could use the VDOT depots to fuel up. I remember at one of the VDOT yards in the Tidewater area seeing a big dump truck, the kind you normally see hauling stone, completely painted in the Virginia State Police blue and gray paint scheme with State Police emblems on the doors and everything. Never could figure out what they did with it . . .

Well, rockstar, here in IL we have 2 hot Stealth police vehicles - a black Camaro and a white Mustang that travel Rt 355 So to St Louis and other destinations. Have been tracked and caught by the Camaro and I can testify to how fast it is. It caught up to me when I was travelling over 105 mph on a long deserted stretch of 355 on a very early Sunday morning. I saw it coming fast but when I realized it wasn’t another civilian racer and I should slow down it caught up to me, and paced my car. I looked and saw the officer waving me over (I thought) and when I slowed to pull over to the far right lane he just zoomed away. Made my day. And the Camaro was gorgeous. That was about 9 years ago and I lust after it to this day. What a car!

Next door to a shop I worked at was a paint and body shop. The Sheriff was getting all their cars repainted (one at a time) Well this one prep employee managed to remove the County lable that was on the door,in one complete piece. This guy stuck it on the passenger side door of the District Manager that was there for the day, the manager got pulled over and the cop who pulled him over was reported to be not very happy.