1998 Lamborghini Diablo - Engine light

engine light comes on

My crystal ball says…if that is a question, we need more info. you need to have your vehicle scanned and post the code for us to help. a loose gas cap or having a bad gas cap seal can set the engine light. and so can a hundred other things.

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This one?


Our tenth ever Lambo post.


At least it’s a '98, so it should have OBD-II. Have you had the codes read? I bet the guys at AutoZone would get a BIG kick helping you get them!

Are you in the US?

Which light, exactly? The ‘check engine light’?


Personally, I tend to think if you have a Lamborghini, and have to pay any attention at all to “Check Engine Lights”, you might be driving the wrong car.

But I could be wrong.

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if the check engine light is on, this means the car is junk. You should just give it to me and I will dispose of it properly. I’ll PM you my address and you can deliver at your earliest convenience. I’ll even forgo the normal $50 disposal fee, just because I like you. :wink: :wink: :upside_down_face:


I’ve tried this tactic in the past. It never worked. :sob:


There’s a Lambo dealership nearby, when they see someone approaching the showroom who doesn’t look like a buyer they start one of the engines, really loud … ask me how I know … lol …

OP, good advice above, ask your shop what diagnostic codes are stored in the powertrain computer. If the CEL is on, there is almost always at least one code stored. The CEL on your Diablo provides a service to you, b/c it makes it easier (and therefore less expensive) for your shop tech to diagnose what’s wrong. Cars are very complicated these days, and there are hundreds of possible reasons why the CEL would turn on.

I think Tom was just testing the internet and doesn’t own a Lamborghini.

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Maybe it’s me being overly conservative, but I’d be hesitant to buy a car model named “Diablo” … :wink:

How about a Dodge Dart Demon?


Or a Hellcat. :grinning:


My guess, Tom owns or at least drives a Lamborghini, the CEL came one, and he’s hoping this is a common problem for this car and somebody knows what it is. I expect that will turn out to be wishful thinking on Tom’s part, but no harm asking.

Tom did not ask a question at all . Just like a lot of those one and done posts from Car Complaints it is just a comment .


There were approximately 1600 Diablos built 1990 to 1998, a very rare car.

You have certainly chosen the best resource for exotic car repair.


That’s exactly what I was thinking.

Guy has a $250,000 car and asking for free advice.


Probably just as rare, the GMC Caballero with the Diablo trim package.

And another dubious story by George about any subject that appears here . As if you can look at a person and determine if they can afford something .